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UHL 4022 Expository Writing

UHL 4022 Expository Writing. Instructor : Assoc Professor Ainol Haryati Ibrahim Contact Information : 09-5493022 / 019-7531964 ainol@ump.edu.my / ainol66@gmail.com. Course Synopsis.

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UHL 4022 Expository Writing

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  1. UHL 4022 Expository Writing

  2. Instructor : Assoc Professor AinolHaryati Ibrahim Contact Information : 09-5493022 / 019-7531964 ainol@ump.edu.my / ainol66@gmail.com

  3. Course Synopsis The Expository Writing course aims to produce proficient writers who are able to communicate and express their thoughts in the written form. They will be able to present their stand and arguments clearly and persuasively as well as provide evidence and justification which are logical and reliable. Appropriate writing style is also included to produce writers who can present information to different audiences and for specific purposes. Grammar and vocabulary are integrated into the writing tasks.

  4. Course Objectives • By the end of the semester, students should be able to: • C01 Construct grammatically correct sentences to form coherent and cohesive paragraphs. • C02 Understand and apply organizational principals to effectively outline information and ideas. • C03 Evaluate ideas, opinions and arguments.

  5. Course Objectives • C04 Adapt writing goals and styles to various audiences to achieve appropriate writing style and content. • C05 Use editing and revising techniques to improve writing quality. • C06 Utilize language software (TMM) for writing practice and vocabulary expansion.

  6. Assessment Methods • Assessment 1: Writing project25% • Assessment 2: Writing project25% • Assessment 3: Final project40% • Assessment 4: Self Access : Tell Me More10% • Total100%

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