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Academic Report Writing (UHL 2322)

Academic Report Writing (UHL 2322). GROUP MEMBERS. Nik Nur Farah Ayu Che Hamid (EA08125) Wan Nur Diyana Wan Mustafa (EA08064) Mohd Khairul Hafezee Mohd Asri(EA08133). TITLE WATER CRISIS IN UMP. Background Information. Background of research. Why choose this topic.

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Academic Report Writing (UHL 2322)

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  1. Academic Report Writing (UHL 2322)

  2. GROUP MEMBERS Nik Nur Farah Ayu Che Hamid (EA08125) Wan Nur Diyana Wan Mustafa (EA08064) Mohd Khairul Hafezee Mohd Asri(EA08133)


  4. Background Information • Background of research. • Why choose this topic.

  5. Objectives • To find out the reasons of water crisis. • To identify the effects of the water crisis for the students.

  6. Research Questions • What are the factors that cause water crisis in UMP? • What is the effect of water crisis in students’ life?

  7. Definition Of Term • Crisis : a time of great danger, difficulty or uncertainty when problems must be solved or important decisions must be made. • Effect : a change that somebody/something causes in somebody/something else. • Problem : a thing that is difficult to deal with or to understand. • Student : a person who is studying at a university or college.

  8. the water crisis.. lies at the heart of our survival

  9. 1) BERNAMA NEWS : Management 2)JOURNAL ARTICLE, RAJINDAR SINGH : Preservation and awareness

  10. Conclusion……….. The Water Crisis in UMP

  11. Summary of Result • Based on our research, we can see that the reason that cause water crisis happen in UMP is increasing of students capacity year by year in a faster rate. • Year by year, more students come to UMP to study, so it has cause water crisis happen while the water supply cannot afford to supply such a large user. • The quantity of the water tank in UMP is too smaller. • Besides that, if a few parts from the students did not control usage of water, for sure it will cause water crisis happen.

  12. Besides that, we have find out some solutions in order to solve water crisis. • To overcome this problem, students should learn how to manage water usage and minimize water usage in order to prevent water crisis happen in the future. • In addition, they also need to remember one important thing which is turn off water after use.

  13. Another reason is come from water supply source. The water pump there always break down. • Because of that, water supply to enter UMP will be stopped.

  14. Limitation of The Study • We have facing difficulties in finding suitable article and journal which related to our research. All material that we have all based on wide area. • The person who answer our questionnaire have not enough experiences or never facing the water crisis in ump.

  15. Suggestion for Further Study • For the further study, maybe we should add range to wide area. Not only in UMP. • We should choose the right person. The example is our senior student. They knew more because they have facing a lot of water crisis since they enter this ump.

  16. Concluding Remarks • Since there is increasing number of students, so the possibility of water crisis to occur is higher than usual. This is the main factor of water crisis to be occurring. All parties must cooperate and be responsible in overcoming water crisis from recurring and to ensure welfare of the people daily routine will be run smoothly and orderly.

  17. Thanks for listening.

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