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Apple Inc .

Apple Inc .

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Apple Inc .

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  1. Apple Inc.

  2. What is Apple Inc.? • Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation • Design electronics and computer software • As of January of 2010, the company operates 283 retail stores • 9 of which are out of the country • As of 2010, company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world

  3. History of Apple Inc. • Founded in April 1st 1976 • Cupertino, California • Steve Jobs • Steve Wozniak • Ronald Wayne • Company was made to make.. • Computer Software and Hardware • Consumer electronics • Digital distribution

  4. Apples Logo Apples first logo features Issac Newton under a fabled Apple Tree The most recent logo which replaced the rainbow apple is a monochromic same bitten apple It was then replaced with the rainbow bitten apple in 1976 and lasted until 1998

  5. Early Years With Apple • Apples first product was the Apple I • Hand built • Went on sale in July of 1976 • Market priced $666.66 • Product was made by Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne • Apple was the incorporated in Jan. of 1977 • Wayne sold his share of his company to jobs and Wozniak for $800

  6. Early Years Cont’d • On April 161977 the Apple II was introduced • It was unique and different from its major rivals at the time (TRS-80 and Commodore PCT) • Colored graphics • open artitecture • By the end of the 1970’s, Apple had a staff of computer designers and a production line

  7. Early Years Cont’d • In May 1980, the Apple III was introduced in attempt to compete with Microsoft and IBM • In December of 1980, Apple launched the public offering of its stock • When it went public, it created more millionaires than any company in history

  8. Apple Lisa • Personal computer sold in early 1980’s • First personal computer sold to public with a GUI • Extreme failure due to limited software titles and high price tag • In 1982- Due to fighting Steve jobs was kicked off the Apple Lisa project and went on to the low cost computer project of the Macintosh!

  9. Macintosh • Designed in 1984 • Sold very strong in the beginning but because of its high price, total consumption was low

  10. 1986-1993: Rise • After the Macintosh Portable’s low success rate, Apple learned serveral lessons on what to do differently • In 1991, Apple introduced the PowerBook • During this time, Apple expiremented with many other products • Cameras, portable CD speakers, TV and video consels • All of these products were “too little too late” for Apple due to their market share and stock price slide • In 1990, the Macintosh LC was released

  11. PowerBook & Macintosh LC • PowerBook • 7lbs with 3 hour battery • The success of the power book led to a dramatically increasing revenue • Macintosh LC • First affordable, color-capable Macintosh • Made fairly basic to keep the prices down

  12. 1994-1997 • Throughout these years, Apple continued to reinvent new softwares that could be installed and used on the Macintosh computers • In 1997, Steve Jobs announced Apple would join Microsoft to released new versions of Microsoft office • November 10th 1997, Apple introduced the Apple Store where consumers could browse and purchase Apples newest products.

  13. 1998-2005 • August 15th 1998 Apple introduced the new all in one computer reminsict of the iMac • May 2001, Apple opened more Apple retail stores, including in Virginia and California • That same year, Apples iPod was designed which came to be a huge success

  14. iMac and iPod • iMac • desktop featured modern technology and unique design with more software including iMovie and final cut pro • Newer improved version of the Macintosh LC • iPod • Very successful • Portable digital audio player • Over 100 million units were sold in the first six years

  15. Apple iTunes Store • Offered online downloads • Service quickly became marketleader un online music services • By June 2008, there were over 5 billion downloads • Each song for $0.99 • In 2003, Apple iTunes store was opened

  16. 2005-2007:Intel Transition • January 2006- Macbook Pro and iMac became the first Apple products sold with Intel’s Core Duo • Same year, the PowerMac, iBook and PowerBook were retired and replaced with Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro. • During this time, Apples success was soaring and its market cap surpassed that of Dell’s

  17. 2007- Present • Period of time known as the Mobile Consumer Electronics Era • January 2007, Jobs annocuced that Apple’s logo name would be changed from Apple Computers to Apple Inc., due to the that fact they no longer only produced computers • After this, the iPhone and Apple TV were created in July of 2007, Apple introduced the App. World • to iTunes, to sell applications to the iPhone and iTouch

  18. 2007-Present • Throughout these years, new and improved versions and different sizes of the iPod were introduced • Includes iPod nano, Shuffle, classic, touch and video • After hearing many rumors of the new creation, on April 3rd 2010, Apples newest product the iPad was launched in the U.S. • Sold 300,000 units that day • 500,000 that same week