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Forensic Fountain PowerPoint Presentation
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Forensic Fountain

Forensic Fountain

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Forensic Fountain

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  1. Forensic Fountain

  2. Products and Services Our company will sell coffee oriented drinks and water, as well as forensic related items such as: ties, mini 3 ring binders, stop watches, and pencils. Our company will make money by selling the aforementioned goods and through merchandising through our website which includes packages of coffee grounds and Forensic Fountain merchandise (t-shirts, sweatpants, and hats)

  3. Background Our company was self started after the cofounders participated in forensic meets across Wyoming and experienced meets without caffeinated beverages. We decided to create a mobile coffee shop that would travel to meets as well as supply basic forensic materials that participants would need.

  4. Target Customers Our target customers are the competitors at the forensic meets across Wyoming but also include those who run the meet which includes coaches and judges and we also cater to the parents of those competing in the meets. The competitors are students ages 14-19 and our other customers range in ages from early 20’s to upwards of 70 years old. Our target customers for our online site is more directed at the student/competitors because most of our online sales will come from company merchandise but our coffee can be sold to any of the above mentioned customers.

  5. Marketing We will market online by using online ads (posted on the National Forensics League official website), mass customization (allowing our customers to add names to our merchandise) and a blog which will keep customers up to date on our next locations, any changes in our products as well as the results from the meets as the season progresses. For our storefront operations we will use punch cards (for every 10 drinks you purchase you get one free), discounts for the top two places in each event at the meet we are currently operating at, and fliers at the physical location of the meet.

  6. Metrics The metrics we will use for our online presence are: number of page visits, returning visitors, and time spent on our site. The number of page visits will tell us how much traffic we are getting to our site and in turn tell us how many people are hearing about us and if we need to reevaluate our marketing strategy. Returning visitors will help us to gauge if our customers are happy with our service and products because they keep coming back to the site. Time spent on the site will help us determine if the traffic we’re getting means to go to our page of if it was a mistake and they are leaving the page quickly.

  7. Web 2.0 Gadgets & Apps Online Appointment Keeper Social Networking Online Timecards

  8. Online Presence • Order Form • Merchandise Shop • Coffee Grounds • Interactive Feature • Maps • Round Tracker • ‘About Us’: Panoramic Menu

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