the wto s e gpa project n.
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The WTO’s e-GPA Project PowerPoint Presentation
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The WTO’s e-GPA Project

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The WTO’s e-GPA Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UN/CEFACT Forum on eProcurement. The WTO’s e-GPA Project. Enhancing the Transparency and Accessibility of GPA Market Access Information. by Kodjo Osei-Lah WTO Secretariat 8 April 2014. The Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA): an overview.

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Presentation Transcript
the wto s e gpa project

UN/CEFACT Forum on eProcurement

The WTO’s e-GPA Project

Enhancing the Transparency and Accessibility of GPA Market Access Information


Kodjo Osei-Lah

WTO Secretariat

8 April 2014

the agreement on government procurement gpa an overview
The Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA): an overview
  • A plurilateral agreement within the WTO system
    • Establishes the rules governing trade in GPA covered procurement markets.
    • Currently covers 43 WTO Members
    • Part of the WTO system (and enforceable under the DSU)
  • Objectives comprise
    • Access to other GPA Parties’ covered procurement markets
    • Improved value for money in each participating Member’s procurements
    • Good governance (transparency, fair competition and an absence of corruption in Parties’ procurement markets)
  • Membership increasing over time
    • an additional 10 WTO Members in process of accession to the Agreement
  • Successful conclusion of renegotiation of Agreement
    • comprises both text and market access commitments of the Agreement
    • revised Agreement entered into force on: 6 April 2014
wto e gpa portal schematic illustration
WTO e-GPA portal: schematic illustration


Parties’ Web Portals

Integrated WTO Market

Access Gateway






Publication Media




National Legislation

e gpa objectives
e-GPA: Objectives
  • Create an integrated database of GPA coverage data to serve as a market access information resource
    • for use by governments, businesses and other interested parties
  • Create a seamless online digital tool for notifications, statistical reports and related data in support of an enhanced information provision service
  • Better publicize the commercial opportunities available under the Agreement
    • thus foster interest in and accessions to the Agreement
  • Synergise with an integrated database of trade measures across the WTO (via i-TIP)
e gpa expected benefits
e-GPA: Expected Benefits
  • Improved service to Members
    • enhanced transparency and accessibility of market access (MA) information
    • enhanced visibility of the size and extent of MA opportunities
    • efficient access to information on commercial opportunities
    • provide a rich resource for policy analysis, e.g.
      • accession to the Agreement; future negotiations; technical assistance
  • Improved productivity
    • foster a more efficient administration of the Agreement
    • synergy/linkage with horizontal, integrated database of trade measures across the WTO (via i-TIP)
project components
Project Components
  • Multi-modular approach, phased implementation
  • Phase I – development and implementation of
    • core, web-based application; core modules encompassing:
      • coverage (MA), thresholds, classification systems
      • commence work on modifications, statistics, notifications
    • Current state of play: well-advanced in Phase I
  • Future phases
    • further enhancements on phase I
    • development of more advanced functions
      • a simulations engine, to handle: accessions, negotiations
      • a management and control module
key deliverables milestones
Key deliverables & milestones
  • Phase I – Core application/Basic Functions: June 2014
    • e-GPA portal pre-loaded with baseline GPA MA data, and with browse, search and basic reporting functions
      • Beta release version to GPA Parties for initial trials: May 2014
      • Public release version: end June 2014
  • Phase II – Enhancements: Dec 2014
    • e-GPA portal with enhanced functions including
      • modules covering modifications, statistics, and notifications
      • digital submissions, enhanced reporting, more external linkages
  • Phase III – Advanced functions: TBD
    • e-GPA portal with advanced functions
      • advanced modules including simulations (for accessions/negs)
      • Web services, further enhanced reporting, analytics
implementation and related issues
Implementation and related issues
  • State of play with implementation
    • core application developed, with core functions (basic browse/filter; database pre-loaded with baseline data)
      • sneak preview
    • commencing development of enhancements (Phase II)
  • Implementation challenges
    • ensuring smooth data interchange through
      • system to system communications
      • compatibility of data formats, e.g., with regard to statistics
      • linking to Parties’ related websites
e gpa linkages with un cefact work
e-GPA: Linkages with UN/CEFACT work

…linkages with UN/CEFACT work on e-procurement standards…?


Thank you


WTO Secretariat