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Project Charter

Project Charter. By: Andre Nogueira , Chris Kelly, & Justin Walker. What is a project charter?. A project proposal Known as a project definition or project overview statement Defines the scope and objectives Gives the participants of the project Defines roles and responsibilities

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Project Charter

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  1. Project Charter By: Andre Nogueira, Chris Kelly, & Justin Walker

  2. What is a project charter? • A project proposal • Known as a project definition or project overviewstatement • Defines the scope and objectives • Gives the participants of the project • Defines roles and responsibilities • Can be an agreement between the stakeholders regarding details of project

  3. Why is it important? • Gives the reasons for undertaking the project • Clearly defines the objects and constraints of the project • Identifies all of the stakeholders • The agreed upon project scope, objectives, and approach as well as the major deliverables of the project

  4. What is included in a project charter? • Systems Objective • Project Roles/Responsibilities • Business Benefits • System Capabilities – Both functional and non functional requirements • Project Critical Success factors • Preliminary Technical Architecture

  5. Project Charter Example(Wedding Response Project Charter) • The Client:The Client is an organization that retrieves a guest’s response for a wedding. The organization provides a website for the bride, which allows her wedding guests to respond to the invitation. The website holds the responses and displays the responses at the bride’s request. The Client is not a real organization but Chris Kelly will be subject matter expert to provide the requirements for our project.

  6. Business Purpose: The purpose of this project is to create a mobile application that allows the bride to check her responses on her smart phone. After login the bride would select from options including viewing, adding, editing, and deleting her responses.

  7. Project Roles/Responsibilities: • <Chris Kelly>: Team Leader, Mobile Programming, Business Programming, Installer development • <Andre Nogueira>: Project Planning, Documenting, Application and Page Design, Class Design, SQL/LINQ Development • <Adam Warren>: Technical Documentation, Create Graphics, Unit and Integration Testing, Report Development • <Will Whitney>: Project Record-Keeping, Client Documentation, Interactive Testing, Lower-level Programming, Database Design Client participants for this project: • <Chris Kelly>: Subject matter expert

  8. System Capabilities: • Functional Requirements:

  9. Critical Success Factors, Constraints and Milestones: I.T. and Client Critical I.T. success factors: • The project must be properly designed with a significant amount of testing, the final project will come complete with CD, error free, all technical documentation, and deployment documentation. Examples of critical client success factors: • Our subject matter expert must be available to the team at all times and have a thorough understand of the overall application. They must also be prepared to test all aspects of the application on a smart phone device. Project Milestones: • Inception – October 25th, 2010 • Requirements – November 1st, 2010 • Design – November 8th, 2010 • Implementation – November 29th, 2010 • Special Project – December 13th, 2010

  10. Technical Architecture and Infrastructure: 6.1 Logical Architecture MVC (Model View Controller) • Model: SQLCe Database with business logic persisting data in a relational database • View: Dynamically generated mobile forms that can be viewed on a Windows Mobile 6 smart devices • Controller: The validation and C# code behind the application forms 6.2 Development & Production Infrastructure • The hardware and software required include: • Windows 7 Desktop Computer • WinMobile 6 Device • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 with emulator plug-in • All required hardware and software are Available.

  11. Dealership Company & Class Example! • Client is new dealership selling cars • Pretend you are one of roles and the owner is Jim • Business purpose or objective of dealership? • Project roles and responsibilities? • Critical Success factors? • Reasons for undertaking the project? • Objectives and constraints for the project?

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