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GIS Project proposal PowerPoint Presentation
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GIS Project proposal

GIS Project proposal

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GIS Project proposal

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  1. Overview: Cincinnati Public School GIS Project proposal • Presented by • Jaya Bathmaraj • Sean Crowe • Lan Anh Thai • Thomas Wuerzer June May 30 2007

  2. Introduction • A class project for GIS Project Formulation & Management course • Students will design and carry out a GIS project addressing real world issues • This project involves a team of 4 members

  3. Overview Project Proposal Current Usage of GIS at CPS Process About GIS User groups Database design Development of Project Module

  4. Project Proposal • Goal : to propose the applications of GIS in the Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) operation and management through an enterprise GIS solution • Focuses on data sharing between depts. with multi-level access to data base

  5. Current GIS Usage at CPS • Implemented GIS in 1999 • Part of the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS) Consortium • Has an administrator to manage and coordinate GIS data and applications • GIS was used in the preparation of the CPS Facilities Master Plan, and renovation of schools

  6. Process

  7. What is GIS? • GIS stands for Geographic Information System • A system of computer hardware, software used for: • Data capturing • Storing • Integrating • Analyzing and displaying of data

  8. What is GIS? • Components of GIS

  9. Why GIS? • To organize, analyze and monitor information • Explore information in a totally different way through layers • Decision-making • It consists of layers: • Images, roads, businesses, demographics, environmental hazards, parcels • Economic data, utilities, transportation, medical facilities

  10. Where is GIS used? • GIS is used everywhere! • Government agencies use it for: • Planning and organizing • Keeping track of properties, road network and land use • Emergency services • Crime analysis • Shortest travel routes • Daily operations

  11. Where is GIS used.. • Other areas: • Health services • Utility expansions • School district • Real estates • Park • Environmental services • Building permits

  12. Different Products of GIS • CAGIS • Google Earth • Web mapping • Desktop ArcGIS • Mobile GIS • Tele Atlas

  13. Mobile GIS Google Earth Internet Map server Tele Atlas

  14. What can GIS do? • Perform queries • Find all the hospitals with pediatric centers • Analysis • How many fire hydrants are located within 0.25 miles of a school • Select the schools which are 1000ft away from incident site • Trends, Patterns and relationship • Student enrollment for last 5 years • Population density Crime pattern • Visualization • Display information in 2D, 3D


  16. What is Enterprise GIS? • Provides a framework for collaboration and communication by providing a common frame of location—and allowing people to share information • To help an organization to • Coordinate users to spend more time on the analytical capabilities of a GIS • Less time searching for compiling and integrating the data

  17. User Groups • Central Office • Administrators and staffs, departments • Access tailored further through the design of tool-sets available to each administrative department • School Specific: • Educators and staff at schools • Access tailored with individual interfaces and tool-sets within unique user-accounts for each staff member • Public • General public (parents) • have no data editing or creation capabilities and will be limited strictly to display of non-sensitive data

  18. Database Design Data sharing between CPS & other Depts.

  19. Database Design – Create Connectivity Graffiti Mapping GIS education

  20. Development of Project Modules • A meeting was setup with CPS panel members to discuss about their needs, workflow pattern and issues • Based on the needs, the following project modules were developed

  21. Project Modules • Graffiti mapping • Sex Offender mapping Security & crime Prevention Bus Routing • Bus routing • Incident mapping • Critical facilities mapping • Emergency site and route Emergency planning Community resource mapping • Targeted marketing for CPS • Asset inventory & analysis

  22. Thank you!

  23. GIS Project proposal Emergency Planning Module : Cincinnati Public School

  24. Content Background Module Objective How can GIS help CPS User groups Information products Live Presentation

  25. Background Crises range in scope and intensity from incidents that directly or indirectly affect the entire community It can happen before, during, or after school To mitigate them, it is necessary to adopt and implement a comprehensive emergency response plan

  26. Background.. Crisis/ emergency management involves : emergency preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) has prepared its emergency management plan for entire school district

  27. Module Objective Objective of the module is to assist CPS to scrutinize and handle effectively during crisis This goal could be achieved by: Development of a multi-user database system Assistance to CPS with information products Creation of community awareness

  28. How can GIS help Where is the emergency? What is the best route and time taken? Where are the closest available evacuation sites? What is the land use type, and how many people may need rescue or evacuation? How many people/students the site can best accommodate? How many schools are located within 300 ft of floodplain ?

  29. How can GIS help… Simple GIS spatial analysis tools Buffer & selection tool Attribute query Gradual symbols / symbol ranges based on quantitative attributes Interactive mapping/ GUI ArcGIS extension: Network analyst Network based spatial analysis through routing

  30. User Groups

  31. Information Products Incident Mapping GIS tools: buffer and selection tool Output: flooded areas, gas spill regions, landslide maps Existing Facility Mapping GIS functions: buffer, selection tool Facility type varies Emergency Sites & Routes ArcGIS extension – Network Analyst Facility type and route is different for different emergencies

  32. Information products Using Network Analyst, CPS can create: Routing Multi-point routing Emergency response Calculate drive time for first responding units Driving Directions Expandable inset maps Map the incidents and determine the affect Identify the closest facility

  33. Information products

  34. Landslide Map

  35. Creation of Buffer zones Buffer zones of radii 0.25, 0.5 and 1 mi To know how many schools fall under potential risk zones

  36. Gas spill

  37. Facility mapping

  38. Shortest path & nearest hydrant from school

  39. Closest hospitals to the site within 10 min

  40. Live Presentation First step Create network dataset using street layer Second step Load required layers: schools, gas spill, hospitals, daycare, firehouses, hydrants, parks Third step Turn on the extension and add the toolbar Start the show!

  41. Thank you!

  42. Real Time GIS Bus Tracking

  43. GPS- Global Positioning System • AVL- Automatic Vehicle Location • System for tracking moving vehicles • XY coordinates transmitted to computer from GPS receivers on board buses.

  44. Automatic Vehicle Location with GPS and ArcGIS Tracking Analyst XY Coordinates

  45. Automatic Vehicle Location with GPS and ArcGIS Tracking Analyst

  46. Automatic Vehicle Location with GPS and ArcGIS Tracking Analyst • Users and Implementation: • Limited to administrative use at schools and central office. • Cost sharing for GPS transmitter installation on buses. • Tracking Analyst extension built onto ArcGIS package. • Ease of staff training and implementation

  47. Thank you!

  48. GIS PROJECT PROPOSAL Graffiti Mapping and Analysis Tool (GMAT) Module

  49. GMAT – Graffiti Mapping and Analysis Tool • Graffiti is perceived as • Vandalism and property damaging • Personal threats • Territorial behavior of gangs • Or even as Arts?