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  1. Venezuela ByAmelia.BandAmelia.C

  2. About Venezuela! Houses in Caracas in Venezuela … Venezuela is a country on the north coast of south America and it had a population of 28.8 million people in 2010 and the currency is Venezuelan bolivars. This is a famous piece of Venezuelan art called ‘The Famous Armadillo’

  3. Mount Roraima Mount Roraima, an island forgotten by time contain amazing sights like Angel Falls. It is a part the flat top mountains or mesas called tepuis. Angel falls or Pico Bolivar is the worlds highest water fall at 4,949 metres. It’s to the south of Guiana highlands. Jimmy Angel and American bush pilot who discovered the falls in 1937, had them named after him.

  4. FOOD Arepas (Venezuelan corn cakes) PabellonCriollo Guasacaca (spicy avocado sauce) Cachapas (fresh corn pancakes) PericoVenezolano Pan de Jamon

  5. Festivals The Procession of the Holy Shepherdess Carnival in Venezuela La Paradura del Nino Drumming Feast of St. John May Cross Celebrations

  6. RELIGION Venezuela Religion is Nominally Roman Catholic -96%, Protestant -2%, other- 2%.

  7. HISTORY Christopher Columbus was the first European to visit Venezuela. He came in 1498 and landed on the Peninsula de Paria. Following the coast, he explored the Rio Orinoco Delta and decided that he had found much more than another Caribbean island. More explorers came a year later, and it was Alonso de Ojeda who gave the country its name. In the 1900’s Venezuela discovered oil and the first Europeans to settle in Venezuela, were Germans.

  8. Simon Bolivar Hugo chavez Oscar D’Leon Luis aparicio Here are some famous people who originated from Venezuela… Simon Bolivar was the most important REVOLUTIONARY LEADER. of South America's war (Bolivar's War) to win independence from Spain. Hugo Chavez is the 53rd president of Venezuela. Oscar d’leon is a musician and achieved success in salsa and now sings Caribbean music. He plays bass. Luis apariciois a former shortstop in professional baseball.

  9. Climate In Venezuela, the time of the year when the most rainfall occurs is May-October and the most heat is between April-October but heat decreases in July as the graph shows.

  10. VENEZUELA By Amelia.B and Amelia.C  BYEBYE