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  1. Venezuela BY Masun Braun

  2. Where is my country? • Venezuela is on the continent of South America. • The countries that surround Venezuela are Brazil, Guyana and Columbia. • It is near the Caribbean Sea. The water is clear like the Bahamas.

  3. National language of Venezuela is Spanish. • Spanish phrase: Caracas es la capital de Venezuela. • Translation: Caracas is the capital of Venezuela. • Although they speak 40 languages, their main language is Spanish. • Examples of languages: Wayuu, Warovo and Pemon.

  4. Unique Customs • Joropo is a festive and energetic dance. The music involves poetry, dancing and dressing up. • Gaita is traditional Christmas music that rhymes. • Men and women dress up for these festivals and take pride in how they look. • Venezuelans use an instrument called a Furo to play many of the songs.

  5. Historical events! • 1498- Christopher Columbus lands in Venezuela. He discovered the islands of Cubagna and Margarita. • 1535-Spanish Conquistadors colonize Venezuela. • July 5, 1811 - Venezuela declared its independence from Spain. • 1821 Spain recognized Venezuela's independence after Simon Bolivar won a major victory against Spanish troops at Carabobo. • 1999 Venezuela adopted its current constitution.

  6. The Venezuelan flag has an order of colors from top to bottom. Yellow, blue, then red. • The yellow symbolizes the riches of the land, the blue symbolizes the courage of the people and the red symbolizes the blood shed of the war for their independence. The significance of the colors is the independence of Venezuela. • There are stars in the blue part then a symbol at the top left corner. The stars symbolize the seven provinces of the Independence War.

  7. Venezuela’s Major Resources • Petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, gold, bauxite, and diomands. They also use hydropower for energy. • They use these resources for textiles, constructing ,vehicle construction, and food processing.

  8. Tourist Attractions • Angel falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Venezuela and is the tallest water fall in the world. • Pico Bolivor has a beautiful scenery at the top of it. • La Isla Margarita (below) is just north of the Venezuelan coast line. The waters are just like the waters in the Bahamas. It is also known as the pearl of the Caribbean.

  9. Time for me to play the piano! • HOPE YOU LIKE IT!