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Preparing Your Aid Office Review WASFAA 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Preparing Your Aid Office Review WASFAA 2013

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Preparing Your Aid Office Review WASFAA 2013

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Preparing Your Aid Office Review WASFAA 2013

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  1. Preparing Your Aid Office ReviewWASFAA 2013 Susan Murphy, Associate Dean, Academic and Enrollment Services University of San Francisco Diana Ralls, Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships University of California, Merced

  2. Reviews and Audits Federal Program Review State Aid Program Review Program Participation Agreement Annual Audit FISAP

  3. Overview The Financial Aid Office: administers aid programs assures compliance provides information & counseling processes aid applications verifies aid eligibility disburses aid reconciles all aid received files all required reports administers student employment

  4. Mission Statement It is the Mission of the Financial Aid Office to assure that all students admitted to and enrolled at the University are aware of and encouraged to apply for student financial aid; that available resources are managed to support access for a socio-economically diverse student body: and that student retention and success are supported by a continuing commitment to aid applicants with demonstrated need.

  5. Organization & Function • Include a organization chart and demonstrate relationships with other departments • For functions: What we do How we do it

  6. Assessment • Audits and Reports A133 Audit State Aid Agency Compliance Review FISAP Program Participation Agreement Reconciliation

  7. Assessment Outside Peer Review Three highly regarded professionals invited Before their visit directed them to USF Vision, Mission, Values Statement FA Office Website Provided them with Summary of results of audits, reviews Current PPA

  8. Assessment Outside Peer Review How well does the FAO reflect the mission in its service to students and colleagues? How well has the FAO adapted to a one-stop environment? How prepared is the FAO staff to adopt new technologies? How successful has the FAO been in implementing new program requirements?

  9. Assessment Outside Peer Review Reviewers met with Aid Office Staff Associate Provost Undergraduate & Graduate Admission Staff Director of Student Accounts Controller Registrar Schools and Colleges / Program Directors

  10. Assessment Outside Peer Reviewers Exit Interview Written Reports Available to for follow up questions Letter of thanks Letter of acknowledgment to their supervisors

  11. Assessment Student Satisfaction Survey Results

  12. Satisfaction with Financial Aid Services Undergraduate Students

  13. Financial Responsibility WASFAA Conference 2013 Operating Budget Institutional Aid Budget Federal and State Grants Campus Based Title IV Aid Federal and Private Loans Student Employment

  14. Financial Aid Department Operating BudgetFY03 to FY 07(Actual)

  15. Unrestricted Financial Aid BudgetsFY03 to FY07

  16. Financial Aid Applicants

  17. Percent of Total Enrollment with Aid

  18. Endowed Scholarships

  19. Federal and State Grants

  20. Campus Based – Title IV

  21. Federal Loan Programs

  22. Federal Direct and Stafford LoansDefault Rate

  23. Student Earnings

  24. Federal Share vs FWS Earnings

  25. Goals and Objectives Support enrollment goals Expand online services for students Integrate enrollment & financial services Implement new federal aid programs Expand debt management resources Develop community service opportunities

  26. Appendices PPA Approval Letter Program Compliance Review Approval Letter FISAP A133 Audit Peer Visitor Reports Additional charts and tables

  27. Executive Summary A summary of the audit and review outcomes A summary of the outside reviewer reports A timeline for addressing the reviewer’s recommendations

  28. Program Review Newbie Get past the fear Embrace the opportunity Know your process Be creative! Lessons Learned WIIFY

  29. I have to do what?!

  30. Ugh.

  31. Embrace the Opportunity!

  32. Know Your Process System Campus Division Etc.

  33. Be Creative!

  34. Be Creative! • It’s not an A-133 Audit • It’s not a Federal Program Review • It’s not a State Program Review • It’s YOUR Program Review. • What do YOU want to do with it?

  35. Lessons Learned (some the hard way!) There is nothing to fear. Carefully word standards. Don’t try to tackle too many standards. Schedule well in advance to increase participation in the process. Carefully consider timing and weigh against other workload obligations. Provide leadership opportunities for others…foster an engaging process! To Be Continued…

  36. What’s In It For You? Learn more about your own operations Opportunity to highlight and celebrate successes Interact with staff and others across campus in a unique way Educate others across campus and at higher levels of the organization Obtain feedback from peers who have direct knowledge of your operations Create a roadmap for the future Memorialize things that might otherwise never be documented $$$$$$?