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Where is the “Knowledge” for the Knowledge Worker? PowerPoint Presentation
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Where is the “Knowledge” for the Knowledge Worker?

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Where is the “Knowledge” for the Knowledge Worker? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Where is the “Knowledge” for the Knowledge Worker? . Carl Ascenzo CEO & Consultant. Introduction.

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Where is the “Knowledge” for the Knowledge Worker?

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Companies go through great effort and expense to recruit, train and retain employees for operational jobs such as customer service and back office operations. Unfortunately important interpersonal skills such as  professionalism, attitude, empathy and communication are often sacrificed for technical skills. Why? Because the challenge with technical competence often lies with the ability to memorize vasts amounts of information, complexity,  multiple information sources and systems, and is further hindered by change, incomplete documentation, and flawed policies and procedures.

Technology has helped with the “work” component. Technologies such as automated call routing, interactive voice response, business process management and customer relationship management are a few examples. Companies should now focus on the “knowledge” part of the equation by proactively driving context-sensitive information to employees when, where and how they need it. Unfortunately most content and knowledge management systems don’t have this capability. Methodology and systems are now being introduced to compliment the work technologies, by providing real time knowledge deployment.

and why is this important
… and why is this important?



…for improved business operations performance is unrelenting and constant.

why is this important
why is this important?



…limited qualified labor, more products/policies/procedures, new systems, increasing regulations, heightened risk management, accelerating change and complexity.

which means
Which means…

Can’t Find…


Can’t Absorb…


Can’t Execute…


resulting in underperformance
Resulting in underperformance….

More Errors

Wasted Time

Stress & Turnover

  • ….and a direct impact on profits
components of s p 500 market capitalization 1973 2007 ocean tomo
Components of S&P 500 Market Capitalization1973 – 2007 (OCEAN TOMO)

Market Premium: No Book Value

Intangible Asset Book Value

Tangible Asset Book Value

…. intangible capital with no book value dominates value creation

“Structural Capital”, particularly knowledge and business practices, is a largely untapped corporate asset.

Intangible Capital with No Book Value


(Customers, Vendors, Partners)

Human Capital

(Competencies, Experience, Skills)

Structural Capital

(Processes, Information, Knowledge, Practices)

I-Capital Advisors

challenges to optimizing structural capital
Challenges to optimizing structural capital
  • Many enterprises do not think about structural capital and its impact on customers or costs
  • Eliminating all complexity is not practical, yet not dealing with it isn’t an option
  • Organizations assume knowledge management includes knowledge delivery
  • Traditional training emphases memorization, versus ongoing support and can’t keep pace with change
  • Adults learn best by doing; at that moment they have a high interest in the task, situation and related concepts

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↑ complexity

= indigestible

technology dilemma
Technology Dilemma
  • BPM and CRM are architected for moving a transaction (data) on a path of tasks through a process
  • Document Mgmt and Content Mgmt are architected to store information in a catalogued way
  • Knowledge Mgmt and Collaboration are architected to facilitate team creation of work artifacts
  • Search is unpredictable in accuracy, granularity, speed
  • As transaction processing differs from data warehousing, knowledge delivery has to differ from Knowledge Mgmt
evolution of systems
evolution of systems

Business Process Management

Business Practice Guidance




Electronic Document Management

Speed to Information

Knowledge Management


Enterprise Portals

Workflow Management



Content Management

Paper Files


< 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 >

p a s s i v e v e r s u s a c t i v e

solution business practice guidance bpg
Solution: Business Practice Guidance (BPG)

To navigate through complexity faster and accurately without disrupting underlying business and technology systems.

Business Practice Guidance is the capability to proactively drive real-time, accurate, context-relevant knowledge and information to employees when, where, and how they need it.

bpg improvement operations
BPG improvement – operations
  • Improves quality
  • Reduces errors
  • Improves consistency
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces risk
  • Improves overall customer, employee experience
  • Simplifies complex processes
  • Turbo charges existing IT
  • Incorrect handling
    • 60 – 90% reduction
  • Average handle time
    • 10 – 30% reduction
  • First call resolution
    • 20 – 40% improvement
  • Escalation to expert
    • 40 – 70% reduction
bpg improvement compliance
BPG improvement – compliance
  • Enables “active” adherence to policies, regulations, procedures
  • Enforces appropriate controls at all business levels
  • Enhances risk management
  • Provides audit capability
  • Immediate availability of additions & revisions
bpg improvement knowledge deployment
BPG improvement – knowledge deployment
  • Delivers knowledge and information that is not operational
  • Captures knowledge in a structured way
  • Makes knowledge useful
  • Effectively maintains knowledge
  • Timely distributes knowledge
bpg improvement learning development
BPG improvement – learning & development
  • Improved attrition
    • Reduced complexity & burnout
  • Faster adoption of business and systems change
  • Improved employee satisfaction & engagement
  • Transforming without pain
  • Formal classroom training
    • > 50% reduction
  • Initial & ongoing time to competency
    • 50 – 80% reduction
  • Effective on job training and support
  • Improved staffing flexibility
case study banking
case study: banking

Financial Services

  • Significant increase in productivity (table on next slide)
  • 91% reduction in non-lending losses
  • 40% to 60% increase in employee engagement
  • 99% on-time service score
  • 99.9% transaction accuracy score
  • Faster implementation and ROI in rollout of 4 major systems
case study banking1
case study: banking




case study health insurance
case study: health insurance
  • Search times reduced 94% (from 120 to 7 seconds)
  • 10% reduction in customer hold time
  • 20 second reduction in average handle time
  • Significant decrease in Help Line calls
  • 80% CSR engagement in continuous improvement
  • New hire attrition rate reduced 26%

Health Insurance


Early Adopters

  • British Telecom – order management
  • National Australia Bank – call center & back office
  • Blue Cross NE Pennsylvania – member service
  • Caterpillar – dealership operations
  • Hewlett Packard – sales & service
  • Stellar – call center & BPO outsourcing
  • Celgene – risk management


“Structural Capital”, particularly knowledge and business practices, is a largely untapped corporate asset.

For many enterprises…they do not think about complexity, its impact on customers or costs.” – Mark McDonald, Gartner.

Adults learn best by doing things, so providing learning at the moment of need is a highly leveraged technique. – Gloria Gery

Eliminating all complexity is not practical; dealing with it is not an option and needs to be a core competency for every organization. – Delphi Group

Business Practice Guidance, proactively drives accurate, context relevant knowledge and information to employees when, where and how they need it.

BPG is not Help, Search, BPM, CRM, CM or KM - BPG leverages these capabilities to increase operational performance.


Carl Ascenzo

CEO & Consultant

O: 978.283.0408

M: 860.716.5893