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  1. Movies Including: Spirit Stallion Of The Cimarron Harry Potter Bambi Fantastic Mr. Fox Nims Island

  2. Spirit stallion of the Cimarron This film is all about a stallions life. Its starts at his birth and ends with him returning home. Spirit becomes the heard leader after his father dies. He gets captured and his mother is left to lead the heard. He tries everything to get free. An Indian takes him when he sets him free though. After a few weeks spirit starts to fall in love with a skewbald/brown and white coloured mare. He intends to take her with him but when she gets hurt he turns back. His love is strong. He does save her and he finds out what he really wants.

  3. Harry Potter Harry Potter is all about a boy who’s parents are killed by an evil wizard: Lord Voldemort. Harry has two best friends Ronald/Ron and Hermione and the three of them decide to defeat Lord Voldemort. In the end Harry, Ron and Hermione defeat Lord Voldemort. And also Harry marries Ron’s sister Ginny and have three children James, Lilly, and Albus Severus. Also Ron and Hermione marry and have two children Hubert and Rose.

  4. bambi • Bambi is all about a little fawn who grows up with some troubles: • One his mother dies so he has to grow up with his father the prince of the forest • And the other one well its to do with Faline (Love) • Bambi grows up becomes the next prince of the forest; and with that he decides his partner is Faline and they have twin fawns.

  5. Fantastic Mr Fox Fantastic Mr Fox is a movie and book by Roald Dahl. Its all about a fox who cant get out of the habit of going into a farmer company: Bean and steal their chickens, turkey’s and so on. But he gets all the forest animals in terrible danger: THE FARMERS GET ANGRY AND TRY TO BLOW HIM UP, DIG HIM UP, AND LOTS MORE!

  6. Nims Island Nims Island is all about a girl who’s mother is killed in a boat crash with a whale, and Nim is left to live on a Island with her dad. Bu when her dad goes on an expedition to find plankton he gets lost and Nim is the Island all on her own. Nim has a hero: ALEX ROVER but when e-mailing what she thought was him she never knew she was speaking to the author: ALEXANDRA ROVER. In the end the author comes to live with her and the day after her dad finds his way home. In the end there is a happy ending.