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Movies. By: Cory Lewis. My Story. Iron Man 3 got a 73% from critics.

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  1. Movies By: Cory Lewis

  2. My Story Iron Man 3 got a 73% from critics • I remember watching Iron Man in the theater and they were in the middle of a boss battle. It was the grand finale, last chance, final countdown- you can say it however you want to. Anyway, it felt like the people there were on the edge of their seats, hoping for either one to win and end the suspense! Of course, Tony Stark, the good guy wins. I saw fist pumps, high fives, excited whispering and even some angry faces in the crowd. I too was like everyone else. Except for some. But then it dawned to me. Someone died. Of course it was the bad guy of the storyline who tried to demolish all your hopes and dreams. But still, death is a serious thing. Again, an even greater thought emerged. Something I am dumbfounded I have not figured out. What if this happened in really life? What if this situation played out in real life? … and ½ stars

  3. Most Common Movie Genres Adventure= 15.79%, Action= 15.79%, Drama= at the most, 24.56% and Crime= 12.28%.

  4. Your Age Restrictions • I bet one of the things that has been a part of your life has to be movies. From G-R, those are the most common ratings, but there’s NC-17, X, and others. The most commonly watched genres of movies in percentage is (Information provided by 15.79%, Action= 15.79%, Drama= at the most, 24.56% and Crime= 12.28%. These may be the most commonly watched in your household. But to tell you the truth, considering your age, these long videos are not appropriate for a 10-12 year old. Most action, adventure, crime, and drama have serious violence, vulgar language, and inappropriate scenes. Those variables categorize the PG-13 and R movies. The age requirement has to be 13+. But the reason these are the most popular is because of their supply of action and adventure. But what if this danger and adventure was in real life?

  5. Critics Rave… Fast and Furious 6 gets a 4 star rating for their action in their storyline. After Earth gets ZERO stars, critics believe too unrealistic for a sci-fi movie.

  6. (Man of Steel) …But look at these EXCITING MOVIE ADVERTISMENTS! (After Earth)

  7. Big Screen v. Reality Movie life is so much more entertaining than real life. If it wasn’t, the movie would not make it to the box office and the directors and all the people who support it (like special effects) would not get enough money. Depending on your life style, you may have wished for your any normal day to be a dangerous (maybe not dangerous) exciting, breath taking and hilarious day. But to tell you the truth, there is not a chance of that being so likely unless you take the chance. But it does not matter. Life is still exciting. See!

  8. The Big Screen As a kid and even right now maybe you have always wanted to have mutant powers also known as super powers. You want to be the new Superman. To tell you the truth, I have always wished to be those Incredible guys. This can also relate to movies. People have always wanted to be on the big screen, the red carpet. But also, the people you have seen in those action packed movies are stunt men. You already know that all of this is filled with a green screen and the fighting is all from professional fakers. No one thinks much about the behind scenes work. They just want to have a good time. Also, I’m speaking for most people. But what if you had experienced this in real life. All of this is practiced, played out many times. Everyone knows it is not reality. But just saying, try to put yourself in the actors’ shoes.

  9. Life to Movie-Life “I couldn’t here anything but people screaming and crying.” Claire said. “It felt like the school is flying.” (from the New York Times) Claire: A student from Plaza Towers Elementary School, In Morre, Oklahoma. As we all know of the devastating tornado that destroyed many residents in it’s area. It started out as a small little twister rating to EF1 or maybe EF2. But sooner to become a EF5, a very dangerous tornado. Proceed with caution. Winds up to 210 mph and devastated the land. Up to 24 people died of this natural disaster. 16 of those people were children. While many were injured, 48 people remain missing of this tornado. After this slaughter that Oklahoma went through, President Obama went there for the grieving families and stated, “In some cases there will be enormous grief that has to be absorbed. But you will not travel the path alone.” The Gov. of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin also states, “It was so surreal coming upon the school because there’s no school...” Even though movies are so surreal and different also, movies still relate to real life. Natural disasters may be common in movies, but we’re not used to this kind of destruction. Our thought process changes when we’re looking from the screen to reality.

  10. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, it’s okay to watch certain movies. Everyone wants to satisfy their “adventure” or “drama” need. A thirst, in some words. But everyone has their limitsso stay away from R and PG-13. Remember the difference between real life and movie life. Make responsible choices! So Many Options! What to start with…

  11. To Conclude… Movies, they can be strange in a way. If we relate it to a certain topic of course. Just like movies vs. reality. Movie life is so different, surreal from real life. Just a quick tip: Make a move on what kind of movie you are going to watch!

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