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Go Language * Go-Routines *Channels PowerPoint Presentation
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Go Language * Go-Routines *Channels

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Go Language * Go-Routines *Channels - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Go Language * Go-Routines *Channels. New Concepts. Do not communicate by sharing memory; instead, share memory by communicating. creating shared memory VS sharing by communication channels . Lightweight Threads ( Goroutines ). Goroutines.

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new concepts
New Concepts
  • Do not communicate by sharing memory; instead, share memory by communicating.
  • creating shared memory VSsharing by communication channels.
  • Lightweight Threads (Goroutines)
  • a Go function or method executing concurrently in the same address space as other goroutines
  • OR it is a function executing in parallel with other goroutines in the same address space
  • It's not the same as a thread, coroutine, process, etc. It's a goroutine. [New term]
  • Goroutines are cheap.
  • at least for now, goroutines are pthreads
  • BUT In 6g , they're multiplexed onto threads.
  • So, one OS Thread could handle more than one goroutines [Lightweight thread]
  • Their stacks are small (a few kB) and grow as needed.
  • Example in C (Threads)
  • In Go, Goroutines are cooperatively scheduled by the Go scheduler
  • A running program consists of one or more goroutines.
  • Their design hides many of the complexities of thread creation and management. (mutex, queues etc.)
  • When a goroutine executes a blocking system call, no other goroutineis blocked.
c ommunication channels
Communication (Channels)
  • Go has a type called a channel that provides communication and synchronization capabilities.
  • A channel provides a mechanism for two concurrently executing functions (goroutines) to synchronize execution and communicate by passing a value of a specified element type
c ommunication channels1
Communication (Channels)
  • In its simplest form the type looks like this:


So to create a channel that can pass an integer :

varchannel_object_name= make(chanint)

  • communication operator : <-

channel <- value \\ send value

var get = <-channel \\ receive value

c ommunication channels2
Communication (Channels)
  • Unbuffered channel

ch:= make(chanint) \\ one element only

  • Buffered channel:

ch := make(chan type, value)

  • value : determine how many elements can be held