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E- Tourism Online Marketing Channels Meeting 2

E- Tourism Online Marketing Channels Meeting 2. Christoph Hoffinger, MA. Agenda. Online Marketing Planning 5 Stages of Travel Online Marketing Channels E-Mail Marketing Social Media Marketing Mobile Marketing Banner Advertising Video Advertising Affiliate Marketing

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E- Tourism Online Marketing Channels Meeting 2

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  1. E-TourismOnline Marketing ChannelsMeeting 2 Christoph Hoffinger, MA

  2. Agenda • Online Marketing Planning • 5 Stages of Travel • Online Marketing Channels • E-Mail Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Mobile Marketing • Banner Advertising • Video Advertising • Affiliate Marketing • Content Marketing

  3. Marketing Planning • is a managerial process • includes status-quo analysis • involvesgoals • is a plan of actions in order to achieve the goals • requiresperformance indicators • includes a budget plan

  4. Customer Journey

  5. Challenges in Marketing • Customer journey and marketing funnel are becoming more complex. • Marketers need to think in terms of cross-media concepts. • Inbound marketing has increased in importance while outbound marketing has become less effective. • Inbound marketing is about drawing people in, lead nurturing and converting to ‘hub sites’. • Understanding touch points with consumers is essential.

  6. Challenges in Marketing • Online content is very powerful and engagement determines the success of content. • Continual content creation and distribution requires rebalancing of the entire organization. • There are new approaches to measuring success. • Timing and planning needs to adapt to technological developments. • Optimization for mobile devices is vital.

  7. 5 Stages of Travel • Dreaming • Travelerslovetodreamabouttheirnextvacation • Planning • Travelersrely on the online spaceforplanningtheirvacation • Booking • Travelersareincreasinglybooking online • Experiencing • Travelersexpectamoreinformedtravelexperiences, also drivenbythegrowingfunctionalityof mobile devices (e.g. smart phones, tablets) • Sharing • Travelersaresharingmoreinformationabouttheirtravelexperiences http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/emea/library/infographics/five-stages-of-travel/

  8. Dreaming http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/emea/library/infographics/five-stages-of-travel/

  9. Dreaming The dreaming-phase alreadyoffersthefirstpossibilitytoget in contactwith potential customersandgetintotheirawarenessset

  10. Planning http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/emea/library/infographics/five-stages-of-travel/

  11. Planning • Online Travel Guides: Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, Frommers, Tripwolf • Destination Sites: tourism.az, visitlondon.com • Niche Portals: bugbitten.com, globetroopers.com • Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu • Travel Search Engines: kayak.com, travelzoo.com • Blogs, Social Media,…

  12. Online Travel Facts – Information http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/emea/library/studies/travelers-road-to-decision-2011/

  13. Online Travel Facts – Leisure Travel http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/emea/library/studies/travelers-road-to-decision-2011/

  14. Online Travel Facts – Business Travel http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/emea/library/studies/travelers-road-to-decision-2011/

  15. Booking http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/emea/library/infographics/five-stages-of-travel/

  16. Booking • Tour Operators: thomascook.com, thomson.co.uk • Online Travel Agencies: expedia.com, travelocity.com • Online Booking Platforms: booking.com, hotels.com, nethotels.com • Destination Management Organisations: visitbritain.com, visitdenmark.com, gototurkey.co.uk • Don’t forget ROPO: Research Online Purchase Offline

  17. Experiencing http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/emea/library/infographics/five-stages-of-travel/

  18. Experiencing • Wide rangeoftravel-relatedappsforsmartphonesandtablets: • Travel guides (lonelyplanet) • Review platformapps (tripadvisor) • Localguides (yelp) • Tourist boards (enjoy England app) • Benefits • Interactive features • Reviews & recommendations • Mobile commerce • Interactive Features: Augmented Reality Viewer bytripwolf

  19. Sharing http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/emea/library/infographics/five-stages-of-travel/

  20. Sharing • More peoplesharetheirholidayexperiencesduringand after theirvacationespecially via socialnetworks • Images • Videos • Status updates • Reviews UGC: User Generated Content, servesas a sourceofinformationforotherusersduringtheirdreaming/planning/bookingphase

  21. Sharing http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/emea/library/studies/travelers-road-to-decision-2011/

  22. Integrated Marketing Communications • Coordinated approach to marketing across individual campaigns and across different forms and channels of information (De Pelsmacker et al. 2004) • If businesses are to be successful they must merge and synchronize all channelsin terms of consistent brand message, timing, creativity of promotions, loyalty programs and fulfilment. (US Direct Marketing Association 2008) • Widely accepted framework for planning a communication strategy. (Taylor 2010)

  23. Online Marketing • E-Marketing, Web Marketing, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing • Use of ICTs to achieve marketing goals E-Marketing keyquestions: • Where and when do consumers access information? • Howdo consumersrespond? • By which means can this process effectively managed?

  24. Online Marketing Goals • Acquire new leads / registrants / customers • Increasesales (cross-selling, up-selling) • Increase traffic on your website • Enhancecustomerretention • Build stronger relationships with existing customers • Provide company or tourism product information • After salesactivities • Buildbrandawareness • Establishment of ePartnerships (win – win)

  25. Conversions • Every website has one or several goals, that should be defined and continuously measured • For most websites, these goals can be defined as specific actions • Online purchase / bookings • Contact form • Request via e-mail • Newsletter registration • Walk in (research online purchase offline – ROPO) • The goals of a website are also referred to as „conversions“ as a website visitor converts into a customer

  26. Online Marketing Channels

  27. E-Mail Marketing

  28. E-Mail Marketing Advantages/Opportunities: • Targetetdmessagestocertaincustomersegments • Can bedistributed fast andatlowcosts • Enabledirectcustomerinteraction • Integration of additional featureslikeaudi/videoorsurvey • Providedetailedreportingforanalysisandoptimization Weaknesses/Challenges: • Time consumingtobuildup a database (requirespermissionbyrecipients) • Efforttokeepsubsrcibers • Need todifferentiatefromothere-mailmarketingcampaigns

  29. Typesof E-Mail Marketing • Newsletter • Information is sent on a regular basis • User subscribestoservices • Useful for periodic and timely information about companyand/orproducts • Ideal as a customer relationship management tool • Campaign • Information is sent based on user interest andavailabilityofmatchingoffers • User gives permission and outlines interests • Optimisedtarget group selection & timing can yield highresponserates • Reminder • Information is sent at a predefined point in time • User explicitly states content and date/time of reminder,e.g. birthday • Opportunity to match corresponding product offers, e.g.gifts

  30. Newsletter ConversionFunnel E-Mails sent: 100% E-Mails received: 80-90% Filter 1: interesting/relevant subjectline Opening Rate: 27-50% Filter 2: interesting/relevant content Click-Through-Rate (CTR): 10-28% Filter 3: relevant/interestingoffer Conversion rate: 2-5%

  31. E-Mail Marketing Software • Often web-basedapplications • Include a WYSIWYG Editors andofferready-madetemplatesthatcanbeadaptedto fit thecompany‘scorporate design • Extensive reportingandanalysisoptions • Offerintegrationofsocialmedia • Oftenincludeinterfacestoothertools/databases (e.g. CRM softwaretoimportcontacts)

  32. E-Mail Marketing Software - Mailchimp • E-Mail marketingsoftware • Web-basedapplication

  33. CampaignBuilder

  34. Segmentation ofRecipients

  35. A/B Testing

  36. Reports - Overview • Overviewwith Open Rate and Click Rate

  37. Reports - Overview • Deliveries, Clicks, BoucesandUnsubscribes

  38. 24h Performance • Opens andClicksbyhours • Usedatatooptimizethe time forsendinge-mails/newsletters • Also consider web analyticsdata

  39. Click Performance

  40. Click Maps

  41. E-Mail Domain Performance • Analyzethedatatoseeifthereisanythingstriking (e.g. bounces) forcertaindomains • Usethedatatoimprovethee-mailformat in ordertodecreasebouncesandincreaseenagement

  42. Legal Requirements • Recipientsofe-mailshavetogivetheirpermission in ordertoreceivemessages • Sendinge-mailswithoutpriorconsentisregardedas SPAM • Alwayscheck e-maillistsiftheyincludee-mailsthatarebalcklisted (e.g. Robinson list) • The Robinson list is a list of users who don’t want to receive unwanted marketing communications. Sendinge-mailsto such recipientscancause legal action

  43. Permission Marketing • Opt-out: user receives an unwanted e-mail and will get further e-mails if he doesn‘t object/unsubscribe (legally not acceptable) • Single opt-in: user enters his e-mail adress (not suffiecint form a legal perspective, as someone else could enter the e-mail adress) • Confirmed opt-in: user recives confirmation e-mail with link, if the user doesn‘t object/unsubscribe, he will be added to the list of recipients (also not sufficient form a legal perspective • Double opt-in: user recives confirmation e-mail with link, only if the user clicks on the link he will be added to the list of recipients

  44. Social Media Marketing

  45. Social Media Landscape Source: http://socialmediamarketingmadeeasy.co.nz/

  46. Social Media Marketing • Provide an opportunitytodirectlyinteractwithwith current and potential customers • The aim is to create content (text, images, videos) that attracts attention of users and encourages them to share it within a their social networks ( viral effect) • User generated content • “Currency” in social media marketing: likes, tweets, +1’s, comments Success factors: • Emphasize 2-way communication • Avoid simple advertising messages • Provide interesting content • React to comments • Be authentic

  47. Key Players • Socialnetworks: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn • Video Communities: YouTube • Microblogging: Twitter • Location basedsocialnetworking: Foursquare, Yelp, Qype • Image sharing: Flickr, Picasa, Pinterest • Social Bookmarks: Delicious, digg, folkd, StumbleUpon • Don‘ttrytobepresent on all networks, but ratherfocus on those relevant toyourtargetmarketandbuild a strong fanbase/community

  48. Social Media goes Mobile • Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey: • Socialmediaisthenumberone mobile activity (71% ofparticipants) • Shift in the time spent on social networks on a mobile device that will continue to increase • Many social networks already have a specific mobile site or a downloadable app Source: http://success.adobe.com/en/na/programs/products/digitalmarketing/offers/june/1306-35508-mobile-consumer-survey-results.html?s_osc=701a0000000mynJAAQ&s_iid= Source: http://kikolani.com/the-future-of-mobile-social-networking.html

  49. Social Media goes Mobile Source: http://kikolani.com/the-future-of-mobile-social-networking.html

  50. Social Media Apps Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/facebook-3-0-iphone-ipod-app-review Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/twitter-finally-releases-new-app-for-ios-android/ Source: http://www.theiospost.com/latest/2012/8/15/pinterest-releases-native-ipad-app.html

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