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My Teaching Philosophy. To learn anything, these three dimensions must be involved: Cognition (thinking) Affect (feeling) Behavior (doing) If we have all three, chances are much greater that you learn will become part of your life. The Cognitive Model- the system. Thoughts. Behavior.

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My teaching philosophy
My Teaching Philosophy

  • To learn anything, these three dimensions must be involved:

  • Cognition (thinking)

  • Affect (feeling)

  • Behavior (doing)

    If we have all three, chances are much greater that you learn will become part of your life.

My teaching philosophy

The Cognitive Model- the system




Traditional virtues
Traditional Virtues

  • Cardinal Virtues (Plato)

    • Wisdom

    • Courage

    • Self-restraint

    • Justice

  • Theological (St. Paul)

    • Faith

    • Hope

    • Love

  • Aristotle adds: e.g.,generosity, wit, friendliness,

  • honesty, etc.

  • Others

To determine your character strengths
To Determine your Character Strengths

  • Go to

  • Scroll down to VIA Survey of Character Strengths

  • There is also one for children

  • You will have to select a password and register

  • It is free

My teaching philosophy

Each Virtue

Each Character strength







Your position within your range determined by habits you can develop

Robert a emmons march 4 th 2010 contact raemmons@ucdavis edu

Robert A. Emmons

March 4th, 2010


Why Gratitude Matters in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

How to get rich quick
How to get rich quick…

“I cannot tell you anything that, in a few minutes, will tell you how to be rich. But I can tell you how to feel rich, which is far better, let me tell you firsthand, than being rich. Be grateful…It's the only totally reliable get-rich-quick scheme.”

--Ben Stein, lawyer, writer, actor and economist

My teaching philosophy

Gratitude has the power

to heal,

to energize, and

to transform lives.


Affirminggoodness andrecognizingthat the sources of this goodness are outside the self

My teaching philosophy

Controlled Experiments

Analysis of Variance

Test Population

Random selection









Significant Difference?







Biblical anticedents the importance of the your word
Biblical Anticedents- The Importance of the (your) Word

  • Genesis: “and God said Let there be light”

  • John: “In the beginning was the Word …and the Word was God… and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

  • St. Paul: “…think on these things.”

The world out there and the lebenswelt world as you experience it

The World-out-there

The World-out-there, and the Lebenswelt( world as you experience it)

The Map Room

“the world as you experience it”

Your senses

The internal monolog-Schemata (ideas, concepts, beliefs, thoughts, values

stories) determine what you focus on, and how you interpret the “World-out-there.”

(Change the internal monolog and you change “the world as you experience it”)

My teaching philosophy

Three blessings Exercise

Every night before you go to sleep write down

three good things that happened to you that day

and why those good things occurred. If you can’t

think of three, add several things that make your

life better (e.g., a warm bed, good health, people,

clean water, electricity, medicine, eye glasses…)

It would help keep these blessings in a notebook.

(Seligmann, 2002)

Making a character strength habitual
Making a Character Strength Habitual?

  • Select a character strength you would like to strengthen in your life and make this a goal (a self-concordant goal)

  • Determine the situations in which you would like to apply this CS (when and where). I. E., name some situations in which you can respond with this character strength.

  • Compose a sentence containing your goal along with these situations (“may I be..” or “I am..” statements).

  • Say this sentence to yourself every morning (repetition).

  • Keep a written daily record of specific instances of your success or failure to achieve this goal (follow through).

  • Get help from others in achieving your goal (tell some one about your goal- this will strengthen your committment)

Examples of the may i format of virtue development
Examples of the “May I” format of Virtue Development

  • May I be a Merit Finder by looking for the good in others and myself

  • May I live a life of Gratitude and Thankfulness

  • May I be at peace by accepting myself as I am and avoiding self-criticism

  • May I be a good parent by finding the good in my children

Some realistic affirmations
Some Realistic Affirmations

  • Gratitude and Thankfulness are the cornerstones of my life

  • My word is impeccable

  • I don’t take things personally

  • I always do my best

  • I forgive myself and others

  • I am a merit finder. I look for the good.

  • Sometimes I feel so good for no apparent reason

  • I exercise, get good sleep, breath deeply

  • I love others. Others love me.

  • I am good at making friends

  • I accept myself the way I am