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Vostro 3000 series Sales training

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Vostro 3000 series Sales training . James Nolan 8 th March 2010. What You Will Learn . . . .

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Vostro 3000 series Sales training

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vostro 3000 series sales training
Vostro 3000 series Sales training

James Nolan

8th March 2010

what you will learn
What You Will Learn . . .
  • Vostro 3000 Series is Vostro’s newest generation of laptops featuring sleek,thin design for easy portability and great power with the latest Intel® Core™ i3, i5 & i7 processors, plus other smart features to meet mobile demands of small business.
  • Full-featured laptops available in choice of 3 sizes and 3 elegant colors
  • Multi-task with the latest Intel® Core™ i technology & Win 7 operating system
  • Stay productive all day with extended battery life, backlit keyboard, and gesture multi-touch pad
    • Refined design encased in aluminum with solid touch points like zinc reinforced hinges
    • Sell more high margin service & peripherals thanks to Dell’s Client Reinvention initiative



vostro like you have never seen it before model numbers vostro 3300 3500 3700
Vostro Like You Have Never Seen It Beforemodel numbers: Vostro 3300, 3500, 3700

Value Proposition

A New Generation of Vostro Laptop - Sophisticated, Powerful & Portable

Product Description

Key features include:

  • Three form factors for different business needs
  • Aluminum casing w/ 3 color options
  • Dell First with Latest Intel® Core™ i Technologies in SMB
  • Backlit keyboards & Gesture Multi-touch pad
  • Up to 1GB discrete graphics
  • Up to 6GB of DDR3 memory
  • Integrated optical drive & HDMI port
  • Extended battery life with 9-cell battery
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Dell ProSupport & DataSafe Online

Launch Timeline

Launch: March 9th

Marcom : April catalog


Winery color selection

Aberdeen Silver

Lucerne Red

Brisbane Bronze

Vostro 3000 Series Color

where dell wins
Where Dell Wins

Product Level:

  • Starting at only 0.79” or 20.1mm, Dell™ Vostro™ 3300 is the thinnest SMB laptop with integrated optical drive.  
  • Dell™ Vostro™ 3700 is the first SMB laptop to offer a Quad Core CPU, the best performing processor in the market.
  • Dell™ Vostro™ 3000 series laptops are the first SMB laptops to offer the latest Intel Core i processors.
where dell wins1
Where Dell Wins

Brand /Service Level:

  • Dell™ Vostro™ is the only PC brand designed exclusively for small business.(G1010011841)
  • Vostro was the First Brand designed exclusively for Small Business. (G1010011841)
  • Vostro is the Best Choice for Entrepreneurs*
  • Vostro is the #1 PC Brand purpose-built for Entrepreneurs.*
  • Simple and easy data backup with Dell DataSafe Online in just 3 clicks.
  • World class IT support with Dell’s award winning Dell ProSupport Services.
vostro brand
Vostro Brand

Vostro: The First Brand Created Specifically for Small Business

  • Introduced in 2007, Vostro has established a leadership position in delivering technology solutions to small business.
  • 90% of Dell SMB customers recommend Vostro to friends and colleagues
  • Vostro PCs were designed to solve Small Business pain points, offering excellent value, reliable IT support and data protection solution.
what is client reinvention
What is Client Reinvention?

Re⋅in⋅vent - –verb (used with object)

  • 1. to invent again or anew, bring back; revive
  • 2. to remake or make over, as in a different form

Client Reinvention at Dell

  • Radically reinvent how we do business today
  • Dell’s commitment to return to No.1 in the client space
  • Simplify and improve the buying experience for customers
wouldn t it be great if
Wouldn’t It Be Great If…
  • You could offer your customers our best selling features, and they were even easier to sell?
  • Customers could experience a simplified buying experience?
  • Dell could decrease costs and become more competitive?
  • We offered more fast shipping options so customers receive systems faster.
  • Less complex system sale freeing time so you could sell higher margin services & peripherals?

We’re already doing it

With the Vostro 3000 Series!

the facts behind client reinvention
The Facts Behind Client Reinvention

What we are doing

  • Eliminating complexityin everything we do
    • 99% reduction in quantity of configurations
    • Develop our products smarter, leveraging platforms across product lines to reduce costs
    • Same Dell quality of design and support

What We Are NOT doing

  • Reducing our quality or commitment to innovation
    • Is not lower quality or re-badged third party systems
vostro 3000 series how we fulfill
Vostro 3000 Series – How We Fulfill

The new Vostro 3000 Series is based on fixed hardware configurations.

There are two ways we fulfill Vostro 3000: Build to Stock and Build to Order.

how did we pick the configurations
How did we pick the configurations?

Hardware configurations are based on multiple analyses

  • Historical attach rates
    • what we have been selling
  • Cluster analysis by Bain
    • customers who buy mid-range CPU, also tend to buy mid-range memory, HDD, etc.
  • Competitive Context Analysis
    • trends at system and component -levels
  • Technology trends
    • apply projections for 2010
  • Customer usage
    • line up features that make sense based on customer usage models
cluster analysis
Cluster Analysis

EMEA Bain Analysis: clusters spread across CM900, P7570 and T6570 processors


LCD, Optical drive, Bluetooth, Video, Color, Battery, Wireless Card, FP






Processor, Memory, Hard drive

Notes: Starting clusters used to group options, Good, better, best scale is indicative, no clustering on KB, MoBro, Camera, and AC adapter; EMEA, color options not included in clustering

Source: Q3 FY 2010 sales data

4 steps to recommending the right vostro solution

1. Choose the correct model

  • Ensure your customer has the right Vostro model for their needs
4 Steps to Recommending the Right Vostro Solution

2. Choose the right bundle and Software

  • Ensure the specification, operating system and Office software meet their needs

3. Choose the correct Services

  • Give your customer complete peace of mind with the right level of after sales service and support .


4. Choose additional Software and Peripherals

  • Give your customer the complete solution with full office functionality.





3 bundle choices

Good, Better, Best

Choose the right bundle


There will be limited up sells

within each bundle






Other options will be visible in Gii but cannot be ordered

  • Good sales practice to start with the Best bundle as opportunity to position up-grades will be limited (2-3 max)
  • Remember: Positioning the BEST bundle offers your customer greater performance and future proofing!



Vostro 3300 -The Thinnest SMB Laptop with Integrated Optical Drive

Technical Specifications

  • COMPETITOR: HP ProBook 4310s, Lenovo SL300
  • Thinner than competition
  • Latest Intel Core i processors
  • Premium aluminum chassis and more color options





Vostro 3500 – Full Featured Notebook

Technical Specifications

  • COMPETITORS: HP ProBook 4510s, Acer TravelMate 5730
  • Latest Intel Core i processors
  • Better security options
  • Premium aluminum chassis and more color options





Vostro 3700 – First SMB Laptop to Offer Quad Core

Technical Specifications

  • COMPETITORS: HP ProBook 4710s, Acer TravelMate 5730
  • Fastest Intel Processor in an SMB notebook
  • Backlit LEDs
  • Premium aluminum chassis and more color options




responding to customer objections
Responding to Customer Objections
  • Q: Why is HDMI not offered on the 3300?
  • A: HDMI was left out in order to achieve the thinner form factor on the 13”. Based on customer feedback, mobility and certain features (such as optical drive) were preferred in this form factor. Customers who have a need for a HDMI port can consider the 14” as an alternative.
  • Q: Why should I purchase an additional battery kit?
  • A: With an optional battery kit, you can get a full-day of work anywhere. When you add on a backlit keyboard, you can continue to work in the dark or on the plane with no interruption.
  • Q: Is the 3300 an upgrade from the V13? Why should I choose 3300 over the V13?
  • A: Though both the 3300 and V13 are designed for mobility, each offers different performance and usage experience. While the V13 is based on a CULV processor delivering basic productivity and internet experience, the 3300 is powered by Intel’s Core i technology for business users who need mainstream performance for multi-tasking and higher productivity.
  • Q: Why do I need DataSafe Online Backup Service?
  • A: Data loss is a very serious threat for small businesses, and they need an affordable protection solution that is simple touseand hassle-free.Dell’s DataSafe Online Backup Service is a secure offsite backup service which provides total value to your business by offering protection from data corruption, accidental deletion, hard drive crashes, theft and even serves as a business disaster recovery plan.
vostro laptop portfolio
Vostro Laptop PORTFOLIO

Solves small business needs: affordable price, security, data safety, latest technology and connectivity.



14” & 15.6”

14”& 15”



*SAPP – reference only

intraline positioning

Vostro Built for Small Business

Vostro 3300, 3500, 3700

Target on general users, Vostro 3000 series is designed for stylish, sophisticated and successful small business professionals. Vostro 3000 series offers an affordable premium design to make SB general users look great. It offers three form factors, which are optimized performance, sleek design and reliability. Users don’t have to comprise performance to get a sleek laptop. It’s also configurable to meet users’ special needs

Vostro 1014, 1088, 1015

Referred to as “Mainstream” internally, these four products are designed with almost identical feature sets and differentiated largely by screen size. The key product features solve small business needs: affordable price, security, data safety, latest technology and connectivity. The industrial design with new color palette is appealing, and the services portfolio is compelling. The Vostro 1220 is further differentiated within Vostro with low 2kg weight and more personalization options – both color and in IMR patterns.

Designed for value budget customers positioned as entry level. Vostro 10xx Series is sold in fixed configurations with basic technologies, low scalability, no security, and limited services up-sells. Depending on the region, the positioning ranges from “affordable desktop replacement” to “affordable and easy to build”. We need to tweak the current positioning, because we recommend introducing “affordable” in the new Vostro mainstream positioning.

Vostro V13

Target on SMB Frequent Travelers (specialized users) and positioned as Thin & Light with Premium ID. Vostro V13 is ideal for customers who want a stylish system with an extremely thin and light form factor to stand apart from the rest. V13 provides enough performance for Office computing showing improved performance from Netbook category while providing a very portable system. User on-the-go will appreciate V13 connectivity with its wireless networks and mobile broadband selections.

commercial notebook interline positioning
DELL CONFIDENTIALCommercial NotebookInterline Positioning




Inspiron, Studio,

Studio XPS

Tag Line

Head-Turning Design Specialty Laptops

Built for Small Business

Corporate-Class Laptops

Workstation Performance


  • Inspired design drives enhanced durability and superior user experience
  • All-day computing enables productivity any time, any place
  • Designed for superior manageability and security solutions to minimize TCO
  • Long lifecycles and global availability to maximize investment
  • The right features for small businesses
  • Worry-free services designed for small business
  • Quality and Reliability small businesses need
  • Experts and resources dedicated to small businesses
  • The ultimate in performance and scalability.
  • Extreme mobile workstation performance for demanding application users on the go
  • Workstation-class application certifications and support for maximum reliability
  • Long-term stability & managed lifecycles with global availability
  • Designed for performance
  • Sleek Design
  • Leading Edge Multimedia
  • Superior Ownership Experience (support)
is is not

Product positioning


vostro 3000 series main competitors
  • Vostro 3000 is thinner and more powerful in a premium aluminum chassis
  • Backlit KB, Multi-touch TP and are unique to Winery vs. competitive models
  • Up to 8 hours battery life. Much better than TravelMate x730

What We Win!!

* Comparison is based on available market information, i.e. could only compare Intel Calpella with current Montevina models

vostro 3300 competitive side by side feature comparison
DELL CONFIDENTIAL – FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Vostro 3300: Competitive Side by Side Feature Comparison

* Comparison is based on available market information, i.e. could only compare Intel Calpella with current Montevina models

vostro 3500 competitive side by side feature comparison
Vostro 3500: Competitive Side by Side Feature Comparison

* Comparison is based on available market information, i.e. could only compare Intel Calpella with current Montevina models

vostro 3700 competitive side by side feature comparison
DELL CONFIDENTIAL – FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Vostro 3700: Competitive Side by Side Feature Comparison

* Comparison is based on available market information, i.e. could only compare Intel Calpella with current Montevina models


WINERY 13” 14” 15” 17” VALUE FRAME


* Item w/ blue font are new to Winery series vs. HPB

Vostro DNA

IT Support that stands behind me

Protect my data

Stretch my budget

Meet Comp

Competitively Differentiated

DisruptiveGame Changer