how to build your own operation game n.
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How to build your own operation game…

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How to build your own operation game… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to build your own operation game…. Materials:. Wire and wire strippers Box Metal Tweezers LED light 2 AA Batteries and a holder Drinking Straws Tin foil. Circuits.

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Wire and wire strippersBox Metal TweezersLED light 2 AA Batteries and a holderDrinking Straws Tin foil

  • Electricity travels in a circuit. A circuit is a route around which an electrical current can flow, beginning and ending at the same point.
    • A circuit requires at least two wires to handle the flow of the current.

1. One wire (known as “hot”) carries the current from the source to where it is used.

2. The other wire (neutral) carries the current back.

3. Most electrical circuits also have a third wire called a ground wire.

types of circuits
Types of Circuits
  • An open circuit is a circuit that has been disconnected by a switch or another open in the line.
  • A closed circuit is a circuit that is continuously providing a complete path for the flow of electricity.

A conductor is a material that allows electricity to easily pass along it or through it.

    • Copper, aluminum or water are good conductors
  • An insulator is a material that prevents or reduces the passage of electricity.
    • Rubber, porcelain, and glass are all good electrical insulators


    • Cost calculations
    • Ways electricity is produced
    • Circuit info
    • Electrical vocublary