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Are You Prepared? Response to a Radiological Transportation Accident, Simplified PowerPoint Presentation
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Are You Prepared? Response to a Radiological Transportation Accident, Simplified

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Are You Prepared? Response to a Radiological Transportation Accident, Simplified - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are You Prepared? Response to a Radiological Transportation Accident, Simplified. Freddie Bell DOE TEPP Contract Support Representative Transportation by Air, Rail & Highway. Transportation by Air, Rail & Highway.

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Presentation Transcript

Are You Prepared?

Response to a Radiological Transportation Accident, Simplified

Freddie Bell

DOE TEPP Contract Support Representative

TEPP Briefing

transportation by air rail highway1
Transportation by Air, Rail & Highway
  • Annual Estimates of United States Hazardous Materials Shipping Activities
    • 500 Billion packages
    • 400 Million are hazardous material
    • 3 Million are radioactive
    • DOE ships 5,000 to 20,000

TEPP Briefing

what is our role as a federal agency
What is our role as a Federal agency?

44 CFR 351.1 assigns Federal Agency responsibilities for assisting state and local governments in emergency planning and preparedness for radiological/nuclear emergencies

Participate with FEMA in assisting state and local governments in developing their radiological emergency plans, evaluating exercises to test plans, and evaluating the plans and preparedness

Assist FEMA with the development, implementation, and presentation to the extent that resources permit of training programs for federal, state and local radiological emergency response personnel

Assist FEMA in developing and promulgating guidance to state and local governments for the preparation of radiological emergency plans

TEPP Briefing

TEPP Briefing



DOE Implemented the Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program (TEPP)

TEPP Briefing

tepp goals
TEPP Goals
  • Serve as a Department-wide program
  • Provide planning and technical assistance to promote a coordinated response to transportation incidents involving radioactive material
  • Provide training assistance and promote development of flexible, low-cost, high-quality training materials
  • Serve as a link between emergency preparedness and transportation planning

TEPP Briefing

tepp implementation
TEPP Implementation
  • Through eight Regional Coordinating Offices
  • TEPP Regional Coordinator located with each DOE region

TEPP Briefing

the first step to preparedness
The first step to preparedness. . .
  • Determine applicability and conduct a needs assessment
  • The Needs Assessment will:
    • assist in determining readiness
    • identify strengths & weaknesses

TEPP Briefing

second step address weaknesses in plans procedures
Second step – address weaknesses in plans & procedures

TEPP Plans & Procedures

  • Model Initial Response Procedures
  • Model Annex for Preparedness and Response to a Radiological Transportation Incident
    • provides basic structure and annotated guidance for transportation addendum to existing plans

TEPP Briefing

and address training weakness
. . .and address training weakness
  • Modular Emergency Response Radiological Transportation Training (MERRTT)
    • MERRTT has a modular design
      • 16 modules (some with embedded video clips)
      • 5 hands-on practical exercises
      • Can be integrated into existing hazmat curriculum or delivered as stand-alone course
      • Can be instructor-led or self-paced instruction
    • Intended for responders with previous hazardous material response training
      • MERRTT is designed to supplement existing hazmat training
    • Many states have adopted MERRTT as their own training program

TEPP Briefing

merrtt program
MERRTT Program


  • DOE Shipments and Resources
  • Decontamination, Disposal and Documentation
  • WIPP Module
  • Pre-Hospital Practices
  • Transportation by Rail
  • Incident Command
  • Public Information Officer


  • Radiological Basics
  • Biological Effects
  • Radioactive Material Shipping Packages
  • Hazard Recognition
  • Initial Response Actions
  • Patient Handling
  • Incident Control
  • Radiological Survey Instruments & Dosimetry Devices
  • Transportation of Safeguards Material

TEPP Briefing

merrtt student material
MERRTT Student Material
  • Student Workbooks have been prepared for each module in the MERRTT program
    • Everything contained on the MERRTT DVD

TEPP Briefing

hands on exercises
Hands On Exercises
  • MERRTT includes 5 hands-on practical exercises to reinforce material presented in the modules
    • Instrument Use
    • Patient Handling
    • Package Integrity
    • Contamination Survey
    • Picture Card Practical

TEPP Briefing

tepp training
TEPP Training
  • In 2009, 2,156 responders were trained using MERRTT
    • 896 participated in DOE-sponsored training sessions
    • 1,260 participated in state or local level-sponsored training sessions
    • 2,735trained thru Independent Study
    • 670 received continuing education hours (CEH)

TEPP Briefing

tepp exercises
TEPP Exercises
  • Tabletop, Drill & Exercise Program Manual (Drills-In-A-Box):
    • Guidance For Planning, Conducting and Evaluating Transportation Emergency Preparedness Tabletops, Drills and Exercises

TEPP Briefing

tepp full scale exercises1
TEPP Full-Scale Exercises
  • In the past 14 months, TEPP has sponsored the following HSEEP compliant tabletops, drills, and exercises:
    • Fort Hall, ID – Operation Rad Relief - 1 tabletop and 3 drills
    • Laguna, NM – Operation Enchantment – 1 full scale exercise
    • Fort Hall, ID – Operation RadReck – 1 full scale exercise
    • N. Platte, NE – Operations Great Plains – 1 tabletop, 3 drills, full scale exercise
    • Groton, CT – Operation RadResponse 3 drills, and full scale

TEPP Briefing

TEPP Briefing


tepp implementation process

Identify Procedures/Plan Weaknesses

Identify Training Program Weaknesses

No Weakness Identified

No Weakness Identified

TEPP Implementation Process

Determine Applicability

Conduct Needs Assessment

Adopt Model Procedures

Conduct Responder Training

Conduct Drills to Validate Procedures & Training

Determine Frequency - Repeat as Necessary

TEPP Briefing

want to know more
Want to know more?
  • The TEPP web site provides one-stop shopping
    • MERRTT Training Schedule
    • 24-Hour Points of Contact
    • Model Needs Assessment
    • Exercise Planning Resources

TEPP Briefing



TEPP Briefing