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Online Reputation Management

We at Woosper Infotech provides Online Reputation Management services which will help your online business to grow as it will increase your brand visibility & will help to improve the wrong image of your business online so that you can create solid online presence in this digital world. <br>

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Online Reputation Management

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  1. ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Do you know What people are saying about your business online?

  2. What Is Online Reputation Management? • Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a combination of any mentions of you or your business on the internet. • It is monitoring the status of your business on internet by managing the negative content that is destroying the reputation • This can be from sources like social media accounts, review sites like Yelp, police report or mugshot sites, mainstream media sites and random websites

  3. Why ORM? • ORM helps you in building brand. • It allows you to show off what you would most want people knowing about you. • If something negative does happen you already have established a base of positive things that can outweigh the bad.

  4. Factors Connected To ORM • Your Name • Company • Brand(s) • Product(s) • High profile employees • Handles/username If one of these things get affected by a bad reputation, it would usually spread itself to the others like a festering disease. 

  5. History of Business Failures Due to Negative Feedbacks DARK HORSE CAFE • They responded coldly to some negative tweet against their inability to provide electrical outlets for laptops. • This was termed in negative public relation case.

  6. NESTLE • Nestle received negative comments about their environmental practices a few years ago • They did not address them. • People started becoming aggressive and posted altered versions of the Nestle logo. • Thus forcing the company to shut their public page.

  7. When You Should Worry About Reputation? • Negative Reviews • Hate Sites • Negative Media Coverage • Bad Publicity

  8. Disadvantages Of ORM • Could lose existing customers • Difficulty getting new customers • Business get financial loss • Poor brand image • Loose customer trust • Bad image on digital channels

  9. Advantages Of ORM • Retain existing customer • Build trust with customers • Increase brand visibility • Positive brand image • Easier to get new customers • Improved communication with customers. • Resolving problems/complaints effectively. • Shows that business cares about customer service • Grows presence on digital platforms • Encourages online endorsement

  10. We Can Help In Your ORM • Monitor, repair, build, protect and manage your brand reputation with us. • We monitor and fix search results • Whether it is removing bad reviews, suppressing negative search results, safeguarding a brand reputation online or other services.

  11. Contact Us WOOSPER INFOTECH +91 8054818753 sales@woosper.com

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