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Online Reputation Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

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Online Reputation Management

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  1. Online Reputation Management Protecting your Brand & Reputation In The Digital Marketplace

  2. Agenda • What is reputation management • What does it do • Why you Need it • Advance Reputation management

  3. Reputation Management An overview

  4. Definition Online Reputation Management services work to maintain your positive reputation by counteracting malicious information on the Internet such as: erroneous rumors, unfair opinions and other negative information posted online

  5. Facts :- when is the last time you read reviews about a business before you did business with them?” “Did you make a decision based on the reviews? “If it was bad, would you still go there?” Lets say it was a bad review, if the business answered the review, would that matter to you? With 8 out of 10 consumers now looking on line before buying locally can you afford not be know what is out there about you ?

  6. Why its Matters • It pays to keep on top of what customers are saying about you. • A positive comment can be highlighted and shared with your customers, while a prompt response to a negative review can turn a critic into a fan. Reputation Management monitors every public source you can think of: • Websites and blogs • Social media (Twitter, YouTube, public Facebook pages...) • Local review sites (Yelp, Citysearch, and dozens of others...)

  7. Why its Matter How can Reputation Management help your business? Sometimes a prompt response to a customer complaint can neutralize bad publicity. Sometimes online comments can provide concrete tips for improving customer service in the real world. Sometimes you can learn about new marketing possibilities that you would never have thought of on their own. With Reputation Management, whenever your business is mentioned anywhere on the Internet, you find out about it right away!

  8. Online Reputation Management 3 Key Components

  9. What it does Sources are scanned continuously and automatically to bring you the most complete and up-to-date data on how your business is perceived by your customers. The data is broken down, analyzed, and collected in intelligence reports so you can target their marketing and increase your online customer engagement

  10. Why You need ORM

  11. Why You need ORM Increase sales :- Many people are researching brands, services, and products online before they make the final purchase decision. Do you know what they are looking for? If not, then you are already missing out. What difference do your marketing campaigns make if you are not sure what message is being received by the people you are trying to reach. Build trust and credibility :- Having the trust of your clients is a major component of success. Your clients discuss their purchases with friends and when they have a problem they will most likely spread the word about their experience. The internet makes everyone a citizen journalist and you should now worry about negative content spreading like wildfire online Show your best side :- Current and potential investors, corporations, banks, and the general public are all going online to research your business before doing business with you. Look at investors as simply being consumers on a different level. These investors don’t know your company well enough and will often make decisions on the information that is available to them. Once again if you have a negative reputation online, it will show. Do you want to be associated with a business with a negative reputation? Online insights :- Gossip, speculation, and rumors have destroyed great names in the past and many businesses have lost the confidence of their target market due to this.  Quite often this happens by an abundance of all the negative information floating around about them

  12. AdvancedReputation Management

  13. Advance Reputation Management Organizations with strong reputations are better able to attract the best and most appropriate stakeholders – as customers, investors and employees, so it’s logical that organizations attach greater importance to building, maintaining and protecting their corporate reputation • Reputation Management reporting will be adjusted for maximum effectiveness based on goals uncovered during on boarding call • Relevant reviews & mentions of the business will be read by a Digital Analyst • Reviews and mentions will be addressed as appropriate and as sites allow. • Responses needing approval will appear in the customer’s approval queue

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