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Ch 9 1789-1800

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Ch 9 1789-1800 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ch 9 1789-1800. The New Nation Takes Form . The First President . How many electoral college votes did Washington receive? How many votes did John Adams Receive? Henry Knox- Dept of War Alexander Hamilton- Dept of Treasury Thomas Jefferson- Dept of State.

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ch 9 1789 1800

Ch 9 1789-1800

The New Nation Takes Form

the first president
The First President
  • How many electoral college votes did Washington receive?
  • How many votes did John Adams Receive?
  • Henry Knox- Dept of War
  • Alexander Hamilton- Dept of Treasury
  • Thomas Jefferson- Dept of State.
  • Edmund Randolph- Attorney General
  • Chief Justice- John Jay
  • What was done with John Adams?
bill of rights
Bill of Rights
  • 1. Who was responsible for writing the Bill of Right?
  • 2. Conscientious Objector was passed by Congress. T/F
  • 3.What was the biggest omission to the Bill of Rights?
  • 4. Amendments 1-8 deal with boundaries between state and federal Governments. T/F
  • 5. The process of ratification took 2 years. T/F
test project
Test Project
  • You and one partner need to create a bill of Rights for Pearland High School, the bills can be on any issues you see fit, BUT must be related to the school day.
  • You will create your bill on a piece of paper and it must be either typed or written on paper that is made to look as if it is extremely old.
  • You will present the Bill to the class.
  • The project is Major Test Grade.
  • The project is due. Tuesday November 6th.
  • Any Questions?
hamilton s economic policies
Hamilton’s Economic Policies
  • 1790 Federal Government moved from New York to Philly.
  • Wheat production increased due to Population in Europe and Napoleonic wars.
  • 1793 Eli Whitney invented cotton Gin, 138,000 lbs to 35 mil in 20 yrs.
  • What spurred the great road building project in the 1790’s?
  • Commercial Banking becomes a big business.
public debt and taxes
Public Debt and Taxes
  • Rolled Debt into Bonds that would draw interest.
  • How did “ Assumption” work, who did it rid of their debts?
  • Madison vs Hamilton….. What were there issues?
  • Who came to save the day and ease the tension of these two men? What was the final outcome?
  • National Bank- like Bank of England.
  • 20 Percent Govt. stock, 80% private investor.
  • 25 directors, 5 govt appointed and 20 stock holders… rich merchants.
national bank
National Bank
  • Madison tries to stop it in congress but pass 39-20, Jefferson advised Washington to Veto it under not constitutional…… Washington approved it.
  • Stocks sold out in hours, everything was great until it crashed 3 months later…. But in the end it worked.
  • Report of Manufactures- Get business moving, subsidize American made goods, tariff on European goods… Never passed country still set on Agriculture.
whiskey rebellion
Whiskey Rebellion
  • 77 million national debt had to be paid.
  • No general increase in import duties, or land tax on the rich.
  • 1791 passed a 25% exercise on whiskey, paid by farmer who brought wheat to distillery, then passed on in price.
  • Farmers took the brunt of the tax, not happy. Only received 1/3 of profit in wheat.
  • People evaded the tax, cheated on numbers, threatened tax distributers.
  • Govt just tightened up prosecution of tax evaders.
  • John Neville filed tax evasion charges on 75 farmers in Pennsylvania, they ambushed him and the marshal and burned his house down.
whiskey rebellion1
Whiskey Rebellion
  • 7k planned to march on Pittsburgh.
  • Washington marched with 13k troops to stop rebellion.
  • No battles or shots fired, but 20 farmers arrested on high treason, 2 convicted but pardoned.
  • Quiz
  • 6. Europe was supplying the US with Grain which raised demand in Europe. T/F
  • 7. What Government agency is responsible for the production of roads?
  • 8. James Madison Was a supporter of Hamilton’s Debt consolidation plan. T/F
  • 9. Farmers claimed The whiskey tax was a form of oppressive taxation. T?F
to the west quiz
To The West Quiz
  • 10. General Josiah Harmar was Court marshaled for his brutality towards the Indians. T/F
  • 11. Little Turtle and Blue Jacket gave Gen St. Clair the most demoralizing loss in the history of the American/Indian Wars. T/F
  • 12. General Mad Anthony is the main reason for the treaty of Greenville. T/F
  • 13. Who won the battle of Fallen Timbers?
  • 14. Liquor was more dangerous to the Indians than the gun or tomahawk. T/F
  • 15. The British turned their back on the Indians at Fort Miami. T/F
across the ocean
Across the Ocean
  • French Revolution.
  • Guillotine, Beheading of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette… all known as the Reign of Terror.
  • France and Britain go to war…… AGAIN…. Who do we support?
  • Washington claims neutrality.
  • British seize US ships in Caribbean to protest trade with France.
  • John Jay sent to Britain to work out terms.
jay treaty
Jay Treaty
  • Failed to address captured cargo.
  • British 18 month to leave Ohio Valley, but still had trade rights to fur.
  • Also Farmers repay with interest debt to British firms for goods during revolutionary war.
  • For all that we got limited trading in west Indies, Boundary disputes with Canada and loss claims of ship owners decided by arbitration later.
  • Washington signs Jay Treaty… How did the public respond?
  • What happened in Haiti?
  • What does this due in America, especially in the south?
  • John Adams becomes president, Jefferson is vice president.
  • XYZ affair… French mad at Jay Treaty, capture American ships.
  • Adams sends commission to France send three unnamed men to negotiate, say 250,000 to negotiate and 12 million for peace treaty.
  • Quasi-war not real war but fought in Caribbean, captured more than 100 French ships.
  • Sedition Acts- Illegal to speak or write anything that defamed the president or congress.
  • Alien Acts- alien had to wait 14 years instead of 5 for citizenship, and had to register with Govt. Could also throw any out during time of war if felt the were a danger to US, or imprison without a trial.
  • 1800 treaty with France to have a sincere friendship.
  • 16. Who wins the election of 1800?
  • 17. The alien and sedition acts were set in place to control what group of people?
  • 18. XYZ stand for peoples names. T/F
  • 19. The slaves in Haiti were the first to have a successful revolt. T/F
  • 20. American Planters wanted reimbursement from the British for slaves lured away during the Revolution. T/F