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The James Bond Shooting Game For Nintendo Wii U

The James Bond Shooting Game For Nintendo Wii U

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The James Bond Shooting Game For Nintendo Wii U

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  2. Anticipated Roll-out Of James Bond 007 For Nintendo's Upcoming Console Nintendo's brand-new Wii U console is the talk of the town. A minimum of 50 fresh game titles are announced for this newest Nintendo unit which is adding to the buzz concerning the new unit. Of late, we've heard about the news of new James Bond: 007 Legends for the Wii U system. The iconic figure of James Bond is popular among individuals of all ages and gamers would surely welcome the roll-out of James Bond: 007 Legends for Nintendo’s forthcoming console. The shooting games are likely to be released as 5 in 1 pack. The news of James Bond: 007 for Nintendo’s new system have been acclaimed by Nintendo fanatics from all over the world. The game has already enticed a lot of game enthusiasts who follow the latest advancements. The game enthusiasts will get an opportunity to use all types of James Bond weaponry and experience the suspense stuffed plan of the game titles. A few news sources have affirmed that the present James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, has consented to offer his face for the video game. The James Bond series is now being produced for PlayStation3, Xbox and PC. The video game for these types of systems is going to be obtainable in the 2nd half of 2012. But no one has provided any specifics about the exact time period of release for Nintendo Wii U version. We could anticipate seeing the video game for new Nintendo unit following the release of the system in the end of 2012. A few online stores have included 007 Legends for Nintendo Wii U within their listings. Actually, some well-known retailers are also taking the pre orders for the game. The past James Bond series for Wii did a good business in the past and professionals are forecasting very same type of response for the new video game for new unit. The James Bond 007 Legends for the Nintendo Wii U makes a perfect blend for video game fans. • Many people say that the James Bond 007 Legends will release with the launch of system itself. Yet nobody has confirmed this. If you're enthusiastic about a totally free Nintendo Wii U, then go to http://thewii-u.com .

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