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The James Bond Shooting Game For Nintendo Wii U

The James Bond Shooting Game For Nintendo Wii U

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The James Bond Shooting Game For Nintendo Wii U

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  2. The James Bond Shooter For Nintendo Wii U The Nintendo lovers are waiting around anxiously to experience up to date Nintendo Wii U console. An array of video games are released by numerous developers for the brand new system from Nintendo. Recently, we've learned about the news of latest James Bond: 007 Legends for the Wii U platform. The spy films of James Bond are loved by one and all and avid gamers are getting excited about the James Bond game for Nintendo's latest console. The James Bond Legends will be bundled as 5 flicks in one package to offer a variety of experiences to shooting game lovers. Game enthusiasts from all walks of life are appreciating good news for new game for new unit. The Nintendo lovers would love to get their hands on the brand new action loaded first person shooter series for Nintendo’s forthcoming unit. The avid gamers will get an opportunity to employ all types of James Bond tools and enjoy the suspense stuffed plan of the games. A few news suppliers have verified that the present James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, has agreed to offer his face for the game. • The James Bond series is getting ready for platforms like Xbox 360 as well as PS3. The game for these platforms is going to be available in the 2nd half of 2012. However, nobody has given any kind of details about the specific time period of roll-out for Wii U edition. Roughly, the video game will be available during the end of 2012 or start of the next year. A number of stores are already marketing the 007 Legends for Wii U. Many of them are even providing you with an option to make an order for the brand-new release for the game. The last James Bond video game for Nintendo Wii was called GoldenEye 007 and it did exceedingly well out there. Experts are of the view that the game for brand new unit will also enjoy same level of results. The James Bond 007 Legends for the Wii U constitutes a wonderful combination for video game lovers. • It might be an additional benefit if the video game hits the market with the release of the new console itself. But no one has verified this. In the mean time, you can get yourself a totally free Wii U at http://thewii-u.com .

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