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Hottest Nintendo Wii U Game Listing PowerPoint Presentation
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Hottest Nintendo Wii U Game Listing

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Hottest Nintendo Wii U Game Listing
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Hottest Nintendo Wii U Game Listing

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  2. Top Rated Nintendo Wii U Video Games Nintendo is back and back with a new surprise! Hoping to hit the shops by the end of this year, the spectacular new Nintendo Wii U gaming system is anticipated to create a brand new benchmark while giving PlayStation as well as X-Box a run for their money. It is no secret that Nintendo is presenting a number of options in this console to duplicate the good results of its previous units. The video gaming community is desperately awaiting this fresh treat from Nintendo. This led us to create this short article regarding new Wii U games. • Let us begin our overview with the discussion regarding the hottest Nintendo game. Yes, we are speaking about highly heralded EA sports’ FIFA collection. The FIFA 13 is going to be available on Wii U. The game enthusiasts will be able to have fun with their moves for this particular game with the help of cutting edge controllers of Nintendo Wii U. The touchscreen will give more convenience as well as excitement to the game enthusiasts. The direction as well as weight of the ball could be manipulated in a better manner because you will have more control. Interestingly, you'll be able to speak to other people on the area and bring up your concerns concerning various matters of the game. All these features help make it one of the best additions to the Nintendo Wii U games. Tekken is yet another game which is truly worth talking about in any review of Nintendo Wii U games. Created under Namco, the latest installment of Tekken promises the return of all the style and sway that we have been getting from this particular franchise. The game is expected to incorporate numerous customization features for the first time. The game will have a much better artificial intelligence engine, which will not allow you to get away with haphazard kicks and blows. You will have to use your talents to perfect the game. Assasin's Creed is another fantastic video game which will be available for Nintendo Wii U. This particular game provides a detail oriented setup of old time, which makes it appealing for avid gamers. Superior visual effects along with superior controller of Wii U will make the game more appealing. The most recent sequel also promises more depth into the background accounts of the associated characters and enables game enthusiasts to better comprehend the gameplay. Lastly, we want to speak about a conventional shooter game for Nintendo Wii U. If you are a war games' lover, then you must have a preference for the "Battlefield". The game is known for its superior war techniques and superior control for gamer. You can play this war time game as per your preferences. The famous designer of this particular game, Electronic Arts, has promised to offer fresh and appealing options in this game. These and other Wii U games have raised the interest of video game community. The improvements from Nintendo and their game makers will surely contribute to the success of Nintendo Wii U. The release date of Wii U is getting close slowly and grab your chance of having a totally free Wii U by visiting the Site.