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Lord of the Flies review PowerPoint Presentation
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Lord of the Flies review

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Lord of the Flies review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lord of the Flies review

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  1. Lord of the Flies review

  2. The first boy to try to kill a pig in chapter 1

  3. The very first boy to die on the island

  4. The boy who often refers to his Auntie

  5. The boy with asthma and the ability to think

  6. The boy who, along with Roger, destroys the littluns’ sandcastles

  7. The boy who finds a hiding place in chapter 3 and goes there several times for peace and solitude

  8. The character in the novel most likely to represent the spiritual side of human life is • a. Ralph • b. Percival • c. Piggy • d. Simon • e. the littluns

  9. The boy who throws rocks at littluns and later becomes Jack’s “enforcer” or torturer

  10. at the end of chapter 5, this boy is described as hating Ralph and Piggy and wanting to hurt them, especially Piggy

  11. first to see the dead parachutist on the mountain

  12. the boy who tries to tell the other boys the truth about the beast on the mountain

  13. What does the chant “Kill the pig!” come to represent in the novel? • a. the scarcity of pigs • b. the savagery of the boys • c. the viciousness of the beast • d. Piggy’s awkward physical state

  14. the boy who brings clay wrapped in leaves to the group

  15. The boy who makes rules such as “we won’t have a fire anywhere but on the mountain. Ever.”

  16. What phrase best describes Jack’s leadership? • a. tyrannical and abusive • b. well-intentioned but inept • c. casual and irresponsible • d. weak and wavering

  17. The boy described in chapter 10 as “the chief…sitting there, naked to the waist, his face blocked out in white and red.”

  18. The boy who is told to watch over the littluns in chapter 6

  19. The boy who kills Piggy in chapter 11 • a. Ralph • b. Jack • c. Simon • d. Piggy • e. Roger

  20. The first boy to figure out the truth about “the beast” that “lives” on the mountain top

  21. in chapter 3, this boy helps the littluns get ripe fruit they can’t reach • a. Ralph • b. Jack • c. Simon • d. Piggy • e. Roger

  22. The boy who is leader of the choir

  23. the boy who has a hiding place on the floor of the jungle • a. Ralph • b. Jack • c. Simon • d. Piggy • e. boy with a birthmark

  24. What prediction of Simon’s comes true? • a. Piggy will die. • b. Ralph will get away from the island safely. • c. Jack will become chief of the island. • d. The other boys will become like savages.

  25. the boy who is killed by a stone pushed from a Castle Rock • a. Ralph • b. Jack • c. Simon • d. Piggy • e. boy with a birthmark

  26. the boy who is killed in the center of the dancing ring • a. Ralph • b. Jack • c. Simon • d. Piggy • e. boy with a birthmark

  27. this boy says in chapter 5 that the beast could be within the boys themselves • a. Ralph • b. Jack • c. Simon • d. Piggy • e. Roger

  28. the boy who gives advice but is often ignored or laughed at • a. Ralph • b. Jack • c. Simon • d. Piggy • e. Roger

  29. What is the “scar” mentioned repeatedly in chapter 1? • a. trees blown down by a storm • b. bushes cut down by a pig • c. trees cut down by a crashing plane

  30. From what point of view is the novel told? • a. first-person from Ralph’s point of view • b. third-person from Jack’s point of view • c. third-person by an omniscient narrator • d. first-person from Piggy’s point of view

  31. Throughout the book, what duty does Ralph think is the most important task for the boys to fulfill? • a. building shelters • b. capturing the beast • c. hunting • d. maintaining a signal fire

  32. How are the boys stranded on the island? • a. a boat sinks • b. a bomb kills the adults • c. a plane crashes • d. storm blows their boat off course

  33. What does Piggy imply happened to the smallest boy, who first spoke of a beast on the island? • a. He was killed by a wild pig. • b. He ran away because he was afraid of Jack. • c. He was killed in a fire started by the boys. • d. He escaped from the island.

  34. Why do the boys initially elect Ralph as leader? • a. He was already leader of some of the boys. • b. He was much older than the other boys. • c. He was kind to the littluns. • d. He seemed in control because he blew the conch.

  35. At the beginning of chapter 2, what purpose does Ralph give the conch? • a. whoever is holding it can go hunting • b. whoever is holding it gets the best meat • c. whoever is holding it can speak to the group • d. whoever is holding it must maintain the fire

  36. What feeling does Jack express about hunting? • a. It is dangerous and frightening. • b. It is exciting and vitally important. • c. It is less important than maintaining the signal fire. • d. It will impress the girls.

  37. In chapter 4, what does Ralph see on the horizon? • a. a storm coming towards them • b. smoke rising from a ship • c. a fighter plane coming towards them • d. a cloud from an atomic bomb

  38. What setting is described in this quotation: “This palm trunk lay parallel to the beach, so that when Ralph sat he faced the island but to the boys was a darkish figure against the shimmer of the lagoon.” • a. Castle Rock b. the beach • c. the shelters • d. the place of assembly

  39. Vocabulary • Defined as “to place or come between” • A. interject • B. exclaim • C. interpose • D. tumult

  40. At the end of chapter 4, what happens to Piggy’s glasses? • a. they are stolen • b. they are lost • c. they are used to signal a plane • d. they are broken on one side

  41. From Piggy’s way of speaking in the novel, we can conclude that he is • a. from a wealthy, aristocratic family • b. not particularly intelligent • c. from a less privileged background than the other boys • d. careless and impulsive

  42. What object becomes a symbol for the rule of “law and order” on the island? • a. Piggy’s glasses • b. the ocean • c. the shelters • d. the conch

  43. At the end of the assembly in chapter 5, the boys vote on • a. the existence of ghosts • b. whether or not they are safe on the island • c. who should be chief • d. how they should divide the meat from the hunts

  44. Chapter 6 is titled “Beast from Air” -- what is the “beast from air”? • a. the Lord of the Flies • b. an airplane • c. a fallen parachutist • d. Jack

  45. vocabulary • Defined as “a noisy commotion; uproar”

  46. Who are the first characters who actually “see” the “beast from air”? • a. Simon and Roger • b. Piggy and Simon • c. Jack and Roger • d. Sam and Eric

  47. At the beginning of chapter 7, what does Simon tell Ralph while Ralph is daydreaming? • a. Don’t trust Jack. • b. You’re a good chief. • c. You’ll get back where you came from. • d. You’ll win out over Jack.

  48. What do the boys do to Robert after they lose track of the boar? • a. paint his face and send him into the woods • b. pretend he is the pig, circle him, and pretend to kill him • c. circle him and kill him as if he were the pig • d. put him in charge of the signal fire

  49. vocabulary • If you are nimble, you are • A. quick and alert • B. sluggish • C. boring • D. quiet

  50. In chapter 3 Ralph is frustrated because no one will help him • A. gather fruit • B. build shelters • C. hunt • D. build a boat