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  1. Sounder Author William h .Armstrong Book report by Ethan Sullivan

  2. setting Time after the civil war. Story takes place on a countryside in the boys house. And in the jail.

  3. Main character Main character is a boy. Reliable when he gave his father a Christmas cake when he was in jail. Hard working when he did his fathers work around the house. Anxious when he was waiting for his father to send him a message.

  4. Other characters • The boys mom- She is the only adult at the boys house when his father got sent to jail. • The boys father- just being the boys father. • Sounder- playing with the boy at night.

  5. problem • The problems in the story is the boys father is in jail and the boy doesn't know what is happening to his father.

  6. Solution to problem • The boys father came home he got hurt so they let him of his centants for a little while.

  7. Opinion of the book • I enjoyed the book but sometimes things get sad when sounder got shot at by a shotgun. Another sad thing the boys father got set to jail. Another the boy hardly gets to see his father. I give this a 8\10. I would recommend this for fifth grade and up.

  8. End • At the end the boys father dies. After his father died sounder dies.