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Make A Presentation BSBCMM401A. Tingting Li Student ID : C61853. Task 1 – Presentation Guidelines. Background & Reforms Trends Unemployment & inflation rates in China & how they working Overall demographic situation & its current trends Borrowing business loan in China.

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make a presentation bsbcmm401a

Make A PresentationBSBCMM401A

Tingting Li

Student ID : C61853

task 1 presentation guidelines
Task 1 – Presentation Guidelines
  • Background & Reforms
  • Trends
  • Unemployment & inflation rates in China & how they working
  • Overall demographic situation & its current trends
  • Borrowing business loan in China

Current service provider and its service quality

  • Advantages & Disadvantages of investing in Telecommunication industry in China
background reforms
Background & Reforms
  • Three major telecommunications industry competitors in China
    • China Telecom
    • China Unicom
    • China Mobile
  • These three companies were formed by a revolution and restructured in 2008
  • They also gained 3G licenses and engaged fixed-line and mobile business in China
  • In the past, only 1/10 Chinese citizens had a mobile
  • At present, more than 1.25 million cellular subscriptions sign up mobile phone plans
  • After enter the WTO, China is starting to make plans, adopting western-style telecommunications law
  • Setting up an independent regulatory
unemployment inflation rate
Unemployment & Inflation Rate
  • Unemployment rate was last reported at 4.1% in the beginning of 2011
  • Inflation and unemployment go hand in hand
  • Inflation and unemployment are inversely proportional
demographic situation its trend
Demographic situation & its Trend
  • The graph reveals that the China’s demographic is increasing rapidly from the year of 1961 to 2005
  • Larger the population in China, better the market for telecommunication industry to start to grow
  • Good chance for telecommunication industry investors
business loans
Business Loans
  • Where to obtain funds
  • China Construction Bank (Asia)
  • Terms and Conditions including
    • Assets held
    • Deposits of other currencies
    • Standby letters of Credit
    • Real Estate
    • Hang Send Index Shares
service quality
Service quality
  • Generally all three telecommunication companies provide excellent services
    • Opening more branches in a variety of suburbs for easy-to-access
    • Providing service hot-line
    • Using service feedback systems including filling customer satisfaction cards
advantages of investing
Advantages of Investing
  • Advantages:
    • helps the economic growth
    • Making people’s life much easier to communicate
    • Easy-to-access
disadvantages of investing
Disadvantages of Investing
  • Hard to cover all the areas such as countryside and poor cities
  • Must understand fully of the risks of investing telecommunication in China
  • Effective action plans in order to succeed
task 2 presentation guidelines
Task 2 – Presentation Guidelines
  • The objective of this presentation is to develop a training program which include a proposed communications, negotiations and selling skills .

Three main major areas will be discussed in this presentation

    • What is Communications within businesses
    • Why is the negotiation skills necessary
    • How to sell your products
communications within businesses
Communications within businesses
  • What is Communications
    • Communication is neither transmission of message nor message itself
    • mutual exchange of understanding
    • originating with the receiver
    • needs to be effective in business
    • essence of management
    • involves constant flow of information
communications within businesses1
Communications within businesses
  • Types of Business Communications
    • Oral Communication
      • meetings, interviews, group discussion, speeches etc.
    • Written Communication
      • agenda, reports, manuals etc
communications within businesses2
Communications within businesses
  • Methods of Business Communications
    • Web-based communication
    • video conferencing
    • E-mails
    • Reports
    • Presentations
    • Telephoned meetings
    • forum boards
    • Face-to-face meetings
  • What is negotiations
    • Business negotiation is the process by which typically two or more parties come together to try to create a mutually agreeable contractual decision
    • Negotiation is the concerted effort that is placed to give your company the cutting edge it needs for business survival, growth and empowerment
  • Four ways of negotiating effectively within business
    • Learn to flinch
    • Recognize that people often ask for more than they expect to get
    • The person with the most information
    • Practice at every opportunities
  • Negotiations essential skills
    • focus on company needs and not individual positions
    • Be open and creative about potential options available to you
    • Focus on coming to a common agreement point between the parties involved
    • Make contractual agreements as clear and decipherable as possible so as to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings

Prepare as much as you can in advance. Think about your company needs as well as the other company’s needs

  • Be open and when you suspect or discover unfair tactics name them and speak openly about them
  • Try to state requests within the negotiation process as positively as possible
  • Negotiation skills are meant to give your company the best advantage possible when working to get your contractual needs met and often exceeded
selling skills
Selling Skills
  • Five effective selling skills
    • Managing the Buyer/Seller Relationship
    • Sales Call Planning
    • Sales Questioning Skills
    • Sales Presentation Skills
    • Gaining Commitment

Personal Talents and Skills

Goal Achieving

Be self-starter

Results oriented

Self Management

Job Skills:

Product or Industry


Sales Experience

Market Knowledge


task 3 studying in mel australia
Task 3 – Studying in Mel, Australia

Major points

  • International Students in Melbourne
  • Student life
  • University
  • Work within the limit of law
international students in melbourne
International Students in Melbourne
  • 9800 (at least) international students who lived and studied in the municipality
  • 3950 (at least) international students who lived in the municipality and studied elsewhere
  • 14,400 international students who studied in the municipality and lived elsewhere
student numbers
Student numbers
  • over 278,000 student (in the 2007-08 program years)
  • more than 21% growth in one year
  • from over 190 different countries (in 2007-08)
w ork within the limit of immigration law
Workwithin the limit of immigration law
  • in 2008
    • 8% of the labour force were employed in the Education and Training industry
work within the limit of immigration law
Work within the limit of immigration law
  • in 2007
    • Education and Training was the sixth largest employing sector in Victoria
    • almost 25,000 staff employed in universities
    • the University of Melbourne had the largest number of employees