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How to make a good Powerpoint Presentation

How to make a good Powerpoint Presentation.

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How to make a good Powerpoint Presentation

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  1. How to make a good Powerpoint Presentation • Presentation programs can be quite fun to play around with and one is easily caught up in the numerous variations of animations and transitions these programs have to offer. Beginners are often amazed and tempted to show off the various features of a slide show program, but this is something one should avoid. The most common slide show programs are Microsoft’s PowerPoint, OpenOffice.org Impress and Apple’s Keynote. • Before you start designing the presentation, you should have the structure of your manuscript set. It is your manuscript that defines the content of your slide show and not the other way around.

  2. Keep it simple Colours • The basic principle when designing a slide show is simplicity. Keep it simple and remember that less is more. • A good colour scheme is to use dark colours on a light background or vice versa. Most templates are designed this way.

  3. Use little information • When designing a presentation, try not to overwhelm the audience with a lot of information - not have more than 3-4 lines of 6 words on each slide. Too much information will lose the audience’s attention. Grammar and spelling • Make sure that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. Misspellings and grammatical errors detract from your credibility. Fonts • Use fonts that are easy to read from a distance. Font size should be 20 or more.

  4. Transitions • There are many slide transitions to choose from. Select one and stick to it throughout your presentation - too many different slide transitions are confusing. • Use text transitions as means to keep attention on specific topics. But don’t overdo it - text flying in and out of slides continuously is distractive. Animation Moving images or animations should not be used in slide presentations unless they are relevant. They are usually distractive if not used properly. Images Use images and graphs judiciously; make sure that they are pertinent. Try to find images that blend in with the background. White image frames looks good on white background.

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