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what’s make a good presentation? PowerPoint Presentation
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what’s make a good presentation?

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what’s make a good presentation? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Attaullah Ahrar final proof read version 1. what’s make a good presentation? To make a good a presentation you need to show many good interpersonal skills, and I will define the skills. What is interpersonal skills?.

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AttaullahAhrar final proof read version 1

what’s make a good presentation?

To make a good a presentation you need to show many good interpersonal skills, and I will define the skills .

what is interpersonal skills
What is interpersonal skills?

Interpersonal skills are related to work: its mean that you are good in working with other people , to work in team , and your are good in talking with other people . It includes being able to support and encourage others, being able to give and receive constructive criticism

interpersonal skills
Interpersonal skills
  • Your interpersonal skills need to include some techniques for example
  • Body language
  • Tone of voice
  • Active engagement
  • Correct terminology
body language
Body language
  • Stand in front of the class. Hold your head up, back straight , shoulders back, looking straight ahead. Try to make yourself look bigger, as if you are taking up more space good posture automatically takes up more space. And then walk briskly and confidently around the room.
  • And learn to use your hands for emphasis, and keep hand movements smooth and flowing...
important techniques
Important techniques

Eyes are very expressive

. 1) Lively, sparkling eyes are attractive . They say, talk’ to me,

I am approachable

2) looking away shows disinterest or deviousness.

3) looking down conveys submission.

4) confident people make more frequent eye contact then people who are unsure of themselves, so develop a steady gaze. When you enter a room move around comfortably, smile and make gentle.

tone of voice
Tone of voice
  • Tone to voice mean: it mean’s the quality of person’s voice . And the tone of voice that shows that what’s the speaker is feeling.
  • if some one is giving presentation to a group of people He or She have to concentrate of the tone voice , must be speak clear in emotion to understand audience example: He began in a conversational tone/ he spoke in a nervous tone of vice ...
active engagement
Active engagement
  • Active engagement mean: to engage people, smiling, have some joke .
  • Example when we do lecture or presentation but concentration is very important, so how can they be? There are many techniques,
  • At the start of presentation tell them please stand and sit after that every one will be fresh and wake, and also asking question...
correct terminology
Correct terminology
  • Correct terminology mean: it shows the presenter ability in presentation, that how he/ she describe the object which he/she talking about example : if some don't know IT we must used correct terminology otherwise they would, because the

information is too easy

for them ..Ω