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World History & Geography PowerPoint Presentation
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World History & Geography

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World History & Geography - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World History & Geography. Room A213. Ms. Panasyan. Happy New Year & Welcome back!. OBJECTIVE : We will review procedures and expectations for this class….AGAIN to be successful in the 2 nd semester.

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World History & Geography

Room A213

Ms. Panasyan

Happy New Year & Welcome back!

OBJECTIVE: We will review procedures and expectations for this class….AGAIN to be successful in the 2nd semester.

required class supplies you must bring these items to class every day and replenish them as need it
Required Class Supplies (You must bring these items to class every day and replenish them as need it)
  • Plenty of lined paper ( 15 pieces)
  • White computer paper ( 5 pieces)
  • Colored pencils (1 box)
  • Glue stick
  • 3 Pens(red, black, blue)
  • 3 sharpened/mechanical pencils & eraser
  • 1 highlighter
  • Mini Stapler
  • Sharpener with a cover (important! We have no sharpener in the classroom!)
  • Your History Folder from Semester 1
supplies will be checked on thursday friday
Supplies will be checked on Thursday/Friday

You will receive a grade for having your supplies ready for the semester. Supplies will be checked periodically and unannounced. Be ready!!!

  • All supplies= A (50 pts)
  • Missing a few supplies = B (40 pts)
  • Missing a folder, but having the rest of the supplies= C (35pts)
  • Having only paper and a writing tool=D (30 pts)
  • No writing tool/paper=F(0 pts)
  • Do not talk when Ms. Panasyan is teaching!
  • Follow directions from the first time they are given
  • Give your full attention to the lesson and put effort in all of your work; do not waste time!
  • Plan to be successful, positive, and intelligent person
the most important rule for this class
The most important rule for this class:


expectations and procedures
Expectations and Procedures:
  • Come in to class quietly and begin working on your dispatch/warm up
  • ALWAYS look at the front white board to find AGENDA and INSTRUCTIONS for class
  • Each day we have a predictable routine. Most of the time we have a Warm-up posted on the board (Except Tuesdays).
  • This is your first assignment: copy the agenda, homework, and warm-up question into your folded warm-up booklet. Answer the question in IQIA . You have 5 min to complete your work. Each warm-up is worth 5 points and if you are not done by the time when teacher/student-stamper is checking/stamping your work you will lose those 5 pts.
expectation and procedures
  • There should be no questions or talking during the time you are working on your warm-up.It is a silent time to get settled and begin to transition into “work mode”
  • Questions? Ask when we begin working on our group assignments or after class, or when the teacher comes to your desk.
  • At the beginning of the class the teacher has to take attendance and everyone should quietly settle down.
  • If you constantly talk, be disruptive, waste time it will affect your academic grade, work habits and cooperation grade and you will face teacher’s consequences.
  • I will not tolerate foul language and disrespect to ANYONE in this class, including myself.
  • Warning
  • Change seat
  • Student/teacher conference after class
  • Call parents
  • Team meeting
  • Team meeting w/the counselor
  • Parents come in and participate with you in class
  • Referral to the dean
  • Referral to the administration
  • Suspension

* For severe offences, such as disrespecting the teacher, some of the steps will be skipped*

  • Good work habits and cooperation grade
  • Recognition at the team assembly
  • Positive phone calls
  • Positive notes
  • Vista bucks/Shark Team Tickets for auction
  • Raffle tickets for History Class
  • You must have your History folder with you every day
  • The Folder is the most important tool for this class. You must keep all your completed/stamped class work and homework in that folder. You must save all your work until the unit is over and then teacher will collect your unit work to give you points. If you do not have your unit work on the day when it is due the teacher will deduct points from your grade.
  • You must take your folder home, re-read the notes, review the vocabulary and bring it back. It is your responsibility to take care of your notebook. Do not leave it inside your desk, on the floor or anywhere else in the classroom. It might get stolen/destroyed and you would have to replace ALL YOUR WORK TO GET THE POINTS!
  • The teacher is not responsible for your stolen, ripped or lost folder!
class website www vistamiddle org
Class website:
  • You are responsible for checking the class website and finding out about upcoming assignments, homework, and tests. If you do not have a computer, use library, your friends’ house, your parents’ phones, or simply pay attention in class and record your homework on warm-up booklet.
  • If you were absent, you are responsible of finding out what have you missed from your classmates or by visiting class website.
behavior expectation
Behavior expectation
  • When I ring the bell: STOP <LOOK< LISTEN
  • If you are talking after I ring the bell, you will receive an automatic warning
  • If I count to three and you are still talking your name goes on the board for detention
  • Raise your hand and wait to be called on
  • We have more than 25 people in class and I cannot allow everyone talk at the same time
  • Absolutely NO TALKING during the test. You will get a “0 “ on your test and I will refer you to the counselor and notify your parents.
additional procedures
Additional procedures
  • No food , no gum, no candy
  • No fluids, including water around laptops/computers
  • No Ipods, cameras, phones out in class. They will be confiscated!!!
  • Respect your classmates, watch your language, and keep your hands to yourself
  • You are in class to learn
classroom discussion rule
Classroom Discussion Rule
  • Raise your hand to be called on to respond
  • Wait until others finish speaking
  • Let three people speak before you speak again “ 3 before me”
  • Make an eye contact with the speaker
  • Respectfully agree or disagree on others’ ideas
  • Support your claim with evidence
  • The bell does not dismiss students. The teacher does.
  • The teacher will not dismiss students if the classroom is messy, supplies are not on their place, and desks are out of order.
  • Do not leave anything inside your desk, on the floor or on the teacher’s desk.
  • You will be dismissed by rows/groups or by teacher’s choice.
  • Students who were disruptive during class will be dismissed last.
blue shark team procedures are posted in the classroom
Blue shark team procedures are posted in the classroom
  • Remember you are a member of the honors’ Blue shark team, so it is expected that you act accordingly.