using the cortex
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Using the Cortex

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Using the Cortex - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using the Cortex. Carolyn Bauer July 21-22, 2014. Charge the Batteries. Before you begin any work, charge the following: Both 7.2 V batteries All 6 AAA batteries. Introduction to easyC ® & Cortex ™ .

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using the cortex

Using the Cortex

Carolyn Bauer

July 21-22, 2014

charge the batteries
Charge the Batteries
  • Before you begin any work, charge the following:
    • Both 7.2 V batteries
    • All 6 AAA batteries
introduction to easyc cortex
Introduction to easyC® & Cortex™

Adapted from and

setup for download of firmware to cortex joystick
Setup for Download of Firmware to Cortex/Joystick
  • AAA batteries in joystick
  • Connect programming cable
  • Power on
  • Open easyC
  • Use same connection with Cortex microcontroller
install easyc
Install easyC
  • Install easyC v4 for Cortex (Trial version) on your computer
  • Download from
easyc v4 programming software
easyC®V4 Programming Software
  • Download from the website.
  • Run as Administrator to install.
unlocking easyc
Unlocking easyC®
  • Right-click easyC , Run as Administrator
  • Type in your CD Key and click Unlock.
updating easyc
Updating easyC®

Go to Help…Check For Updates. If you don’t have the latest version, you can download updates.

updating firmware on controller and joystick
Updating Firmware on Controller and Joystick

We have done this already in 2014

  • Start…All Programs…easyC v4 For Cortex…IFI VEXNet Firmware Utility
updating controller and joystick
Updating Controller and Joystick
  • Select SEARCH. If the response is Upgrade requiredthen BOOTLOADand YES.
updating controller and joystick1
Updating Controller and Joystick
  • Click DOWNLOAD.
  • Afterward you should see:
updating controller and joystick2
Updating Controller and Joystick
  • Now repeat the entire SEARCH…BootLoad… DOWNLOAD process with the Cortex Microcontroller.
tethering controller and joystick
Tethering Controller and Joystick

Do this in 2014

After updating the firmware on both the joystick and Cortex microcontroller:

  • Connect the two devices with the tethering cable and turn them both on.
  • Wait until both VEXNet LEDs turn solid green.

This lets the devices learn each other’s addresses, so that they can talk together wirelessly.

best control system
BEST Control System
  • From BEST Robotics, Inc. online Resources
  • Includes photos of all items in Returnable Kit
    • Hookups, labels, system features of Cortex
    • Motor connections & motors, servos
    • Digital, analog connections
    • BEST default firmware (default program)
    • Programming options
    • Testing tips; team tips; joystick calibration
    • Where to find help