wind turbines n.
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Wind turbines PowerPoint Presentation
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Wind turbines

Wind turbines

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Wind turbines

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  1. Wind turbines

  2. Environmental issues: • Archaeological and cultural places should not be near. • Not in view site of important sites. • Don’t do it near something that could blow down because of the wind Site suitability • The site needs: • Fast wind speed • To be exposed to get more wind • Easy access to roads • Good access to local grid • To be near power point so as not to have to lay pipes

  3. The case against Wind Turbines • I have picked a site for my wind turbine to suit your requirements. But I have researched wind farms and have found out that : • The hole for the turbine’s volume is equivalent to a 25m swimming pool. • Roads and foundations have to be made for wind farms and one of the biggest man made source’s of CO2 is concrete. • The turbines CO2 is still there it will just come in advance. • Lorries and roads will be needed so that will pollute. • The wind from the turbines is not a steady source of energy.

  4. A diagram of a wind turbine

  5. How energy is created from wind

  6. Alternative fuel resources! Wind turbines, water, wind and eco things are all ways of using other fuel resources . I also had an idea if you put solar panels on the wind turbines then if it was a stormy day then you get wind generated electricity and on a sunny breeze less day you get sun generated electricity.

  7. Layers of rock and oil in the sea bed Oil took millions of years to create. It was lots of old dead fish that fell to the sea bed, then there was some rock that hardened around them. More and more layers of rock were created and the pressure made the fish turn into a liquid, oil. Then to get to the oil the people had to drill through the layers of rock. As you can see this process took millions of years to create so if we use it all up then it will take a long time to come back again. This is why it is a good idea to find other renewable ways of using electricity.

  8. Fossil Fuels Wood, Petrol and Diesel are all types of Fossil Fuels, they all pollute the atmosphere and create CO2. We should start using alternative fuel otherwise we will over heat from Global Warming. Oil spills and leaks can cause a lot of damage to the wild life and our food. We need to be careful on how we dig up oil also it will run out one day so we need to be prepared.

  9. The heating of the earth

  10. Fossil fuels cycle!

  11. Site 1

  12. Site 1 Advantges • The site I have chosen is a field in Crockey hill the good points are: • The field has already got cable in it so that you won’t have to put down and new ones. • There are trees on one side so the few houses near it might be screened a bit, but also the field is big so the trees will not block the wind. • There was a wind sock in the field so it looks pretty windy. • It is just off the main road so you can easily get vehicles onto the site also since it is right next to the road (which is busy) it might not matter about the sound.

  13. Site 1 disadvantges • The unfortunate things about this site are: • It is so close to the main road that people driving will be able to see and hear it. • It is near a big grand house which might not be so happy with the noise. • It is on a farm so you might have to give up some farm land. • It might be visible from the Minster at a far distance.

  14. Site 2

  15. Site 2 Advantges • The good things about this site in Crockey hill are: • It is about 2minuits off the main road so it won’t be heard as much. • It has a pylon in the middle of the field so you can store the energy in that. • There is only a couple of houses near by, and one of them is a farm house and farms make a lot of noise. • There is a road right next to it so you can cart the stuff around easily. • There is an industrial estate near so many the land is not wanted.

  16. Site 2 Disadvantges • The problems with this site are: • There is a church in view so they might not be happy. • The is a small road next to it used by the villagers so they might not want to hear wind turbines. • It is near a big posh house with trees round it.

  17. And finally I created a little song about wind turbines! Put on slideshow first. (With apologies to Bob Dylan)