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Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

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Wind Turbines

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  1. Darling South Africa Wind Turbines Paige Smal

  2. Wind Turbines Like old fashioned windmills, today’s wind machine (also called wind turbines) use blades to collect the wind’s energy. With the new wind machines, there is still the problem of what to do when the wind isn't blowing. At those times, other types of power plants must be used to make electricity.

  3. Seventy kilometers north of Cape Town, down a dirt track with a sign warning, "beware this property is protected by snakes", are the four 17-storey-high building that make up the country's first private wind farm. The History

  4. Who was involved Last year, Mr. Oelsner oversaw the start of Darling Wind Farm to produce electricity for Cape Town city council.

  5. The Darling Wind Farm is a R70 million project funded by the Danish Government, the National Department of Minerals and Energy, the Development Bank of Southern Africa and the Darling Independent Power Producing Company. The Cost

  6. The wind farm comprises four wind turbines situated on a hill alongside the R27 West Coast Road near the turn off to Darling. The turbines began working in May 2008.

  7. "The country has the potential to generate electricity from wind in excess of its current total national power consumption and without the harmful effects of fossil fuels and nuclear-powered generation plants," said Mr. Oelsner.

  8. What’s Next? Mr. Oelsner mentioned that on the back of this successful launch the construction of a larger 125 MW wind farm further up the West Coast was currently under investigation.

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