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“ The new era of building “ PowerPoint Presentation
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“ The new era of building “

“ The new era of building “

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“ The new era of building “

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  1. “ The new era of building “

  2. Entice Construction World Pvt. Ltd.

  3. Presents :-

  4. About Rhino Plast • “ Rhino Plast “ is a ready mix plaster is a fine quality Wall Plaster mix specially made to give a superior finish to the interior & Exterior walls.” Rhino Plast “ is a premix single application plaster, it is made of Machine dry River Sand , additives , Fibers , Selected Chemicals are added to it to improve the performance and workability.” Rhino Plast “ works effectively on both even and uneven backgrounds, which means that this ready mix can be used for both fine surface finishing and thick base plastering as per the requirements. • The Rhino Plast is very economical as it covers more area with less material as it is a superfine low density material .

  5. Main Features Of Rhino Plast • Consumes less water thus making it less messy as it dries quickly • Easily available and efficient to use • No wastage of water curing • Has 12mm thick thermal resistance • Easy to mix, apply and finish because it settles gradually • No problems of dry mixing or constant monitoring of quality • User friendly and enables the mason/worker to get the desired results • Free from shrinking and cracking • Ensures full strength on setting • Shows excellent adhesive qualities with the surface • The appearance is very attractive- light brownish, off white finish with smooth surface • Has a good impact strength

  6. Advantages Of Rhino Plast • Save Work time • Reduce Wastage • High Quality Work • Reduce Labor Cost • Easy To Transport • Easy To Storage • Save Money


  8. Reduce Wastage • Need not worry much about the product wastage. Normally when you use a cement mortar you need to spend time for sieving and there is a risk of product wastage during this process. Similarly, while handling, stacking and mixing also there are chances of product wastage. But since RHINO PLAST Cement Mortar is a ready mix, it reduces wastage that occurs during sieving, handling, stacking and mixing. • Can easily use product just by adding the required amount of water.

  9. High Quality Work • RHINO PLAST Cement Mortar is a ready mix cement mortar of high quality and durability. • It is a unique blend of cement, river sand, quartz sand, silica fumes & imported additives. • To improve the quality we use pure river sand from major rivers. • To improve the quality this cement mortar mix is made free from pit sand , mud/clay. We use 53 grade most popular brand cement

  10. Reduce Labor-Cost • RHINO PLAST Cement Mortar greatly helps to reduce the requirement of labor which in turn helps you to save a considerable amount of your money. • From unloading of sand and cement to the application of cement mortar several labors are involved and it becomes really hard at times to get the required amount of skilled labors for different purposes. • But if you are using RHINO PLAST Cement Mortar, you need to only pay a fixed amount for unloading as per labor department.

  11. Easy To Transport • If you are staying in a remote area or if the place where you need to use the cement mortar mix is far away from our stores we help you to deliver the product at your door step. • If you do not have proper road facility for the shipment of RHINO PLAST Cement Mortar bags, we help you to deliver the product . • We also assure you 100% delivery and there will not be any wastage.

  12. Easy To Storage • RHINO PLAST Cement Mortar is a dry mortar mix mainly used for the construction of wall and roof. • It is best suited for your plastering purposes. • This pre-Mix Cement Mortar comes as a dry mix and it is of high strength and quality. Since it is a mix of high strength cement, Quartz Sand, River sand, storage becomes hassle free. • Need not go in search of special storage places or special facilities to keep the bags of RHINO PLAST Cement Mortar. • Can just stack these bags anywhere you want.

  13. Save Money • Can easily save a considerable amount of money by using RHINO PLAST Cement mortar. • First of all it helps to reduce the amount of labor required to use the product. • Requires only 1/3rd of the usual labor required for using this mortar. • Need not waste your time & money for sieving, handling & mixing. This helps to reduce product wastage to a great extent • Can get 30% benefit. • It is estimated that you can construct 3 houses with the same estimated labor and time instead of the single one.

  14. -: Integrants :- • The Rhino Plast is a future conscious product in construction industry , Which can make huge innovation in the particular industry . • The Rhino Plast is made From :- Machine Dry Sand . Selected Chemicals & Powders . 53 Grade Major Brand Cement . High Strength Fibers for Zero crack on Wall . • Rhino Plast is made of high quality integrants . It gives High Strength Wall-Plaster at lesser rate then Regular on-site plaster .

  15. -: How to use :- Open The Bag Add Water Start Plastering Open The Bag Add Water Start Plastering First Open The bag Of Premix Plaster Bag 50 KG. Add 11.25 to 11.75 Liter Water . Use The Ultimate Premix Plaster And Start Plastering .

  16. -: Compare :- • On-Site Plaster v/s Rhino Plast Sand storage Open the bag of Rhino plast (50 kg.) Sand Screening Sand Wastage Handling Add water (11-12 ltr.) Cement Storage Start plastering No Accuracy During mix Low labor cost & Zero wastage High Labor Requirements Time consuming process By survey Plaster Costing 15 Rs. Per sq.ft By practical Plaster Costing 8 Rs. Per sq.ft

  17. -: Contact us :- Phone Tel: +91-87 33 83 00 70 +91-87 33 83 00 71 +91-87 33 83 00 72