eco building options for tourism n.
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  1. ECO BUILDING OPTIONSFOR TOURISM Joyce Coppinger ReBuild Associates Lincoln, Nebraska 402.483.5135 <

  2. BENEFITS OFNATURAL BUILDING • Use readily available materials - what we have at hand • Energy-efficient and renewable insulative materials - cost savings and added-value markets • Nontoxic products, materials - indoor air quality, healthy environment • Comfort, aesthetic beauty, creative approaches • Draws people back to nature, and to you

  3. CAN BE GREEN BY... Updating electrical service - solar, photovoltaics, wind energy generation Converting to CFL or LED light fixtures and bulbs - save energy, be sure you follow recycling procedures Reducing electrical use - line drying laundry; daylighting; turning off lights, electronic equipment when not in use Updating plumbing to conserve water - low-flow or dual flush toilets, even composting toilets

  4. CAN BE GREEN BY... • Natural ventilation and cross ventilation; air barrier-free spaces (no halls, few walls, no stairs) • • Passive and active solar heating of spaces and water; infloor radiant thermal heat; wall heaters and air-conditioning units • • Universal design for ease of access for all ages and abilities; walkways and ramps, bathrooms and kitchenettes

  5. CAN BE GREEN BY... Removing all toxic products from your facilities - air fresheners, cleaning and laundry supplies; use linens until guests leave; non-toxic products and materials in furnishings, building or remodeling projects; be sure any cosmetics or beauty products you give to guests are nontoxic, too.

  6. Check all building materials and products to be sure they are nontoxic - low VOC paints and stains, area rugs that of natural materials instead of carpeting, furniture and furnishings can also contain toxins (adhesives, finishes, fabrics and other). CAN BE GREEN BY... • Check all building materials and products to be sure they are nontoxic - low VOC paints and stains; building products with no toxic adhesives and finishes; area rugs of natural materials instead of carpeting, linens and bedding of natural materials • Reducing waste and reusing or recycling everything you can.

  7. Angel’s Strawbale Saloonsouth of Spencer, Nebraska, on Hwy 281 near the Spencer Dam402-589-1017<>

  8. Iain Nicholson Nature CenterRowe Sanctuary, 44450 Elm Island Rd, Gibbon, NE,

  9. Spring Creek Prairie Nature Center11700 SW 100th St., P.O. Box 117Denton, NE 68339 (402) Two Audubon nature centers are straw-bale buildings. A straw-bale wall and other green features including a living roof and catchwater system are part of the design of the new Pioneers Park Nature Center on the west edge of Lincoln.

  10. Pioneers Park Nature Center

  11. Truth Window Building faces view (and solar south) on previously disturbed land with main entrance connected to parking.

  12. Colors selected for interiors blend with colors of the native grasses, the earth and sky.

  13. Johnson’s Organic Wine & Vinegar Processing Facility302 East Nebraska Ave, Cody Nebraska 69211 402-389-1200<>

  14. Ponca State Park

  15. Millduck B&BBendigo, Australia143 Ford Rd, Harcourt North, Victoria 3453(03) 5439

  16. Rawnsley Park Station Wilpena Road Via Hawker South Australia  5434 +61 8 8648 0030 <>

  17. Modern, luxurious, natural

  18. Sieben Linden EcovillageFreundeskreis Oekodorf e.V.Sieben Linden 1, DE 38486 Bandau Poppau, Germany+49 39000 Website

  19. Buildings made of many types of natural materials Draws people for workshops as well as conferences Winner of 2007 World Habitat Award

  20. South AfricaDidimala Game

  21. Rosewood Costa Carmel Costa Rica Three Architecture Inc, 5401 N Central Expy # 300 Dallas, TX 75205 - 214-559-4080

  22. Maho Bay CampsSt. John, U.S. Virgin IslandsMaho Bay Camps, Inc. PO Box 310, Cruz Bay Saint John, VI 00830

  23. 18 tent-cottages on 16 foot square platforms in the Virgin Islands National Park using hand construction methods which left the natural environment virtually undisturbed. The platforms were connected by elevated walkways to avoid soil erosion which endangers the beach and fragile coral. Conveniently located bathhouses are equipped with modern, low-flush toilets and pull-chain showers connected to a recycling system which irrigates the surrounding vegetation. One way to teach people at the camp about conservation of resources was to give they an allowance when they check in which would run out during their stay if too much electricity, water or other specified resources were used.

  24. Geodesic Dome -Dancing Leaf46368 Hwy 91, Burwell Nebraska.

  25. Yurts - ColoradoAny climate or settingSleeping QuartersKitchens and BathroomsLiving and Relaxation Areas

  26. Tipis

  27. Sod Houses - Dowse

  28. Rammed EarthPise

  29. Green has many shades:light greenbusiness greenstate greenconcerned citizen greenradical citizen greencenter-left greenfar-left greendeep greensustainable and natural