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‘ Promoting Independence’ PowerPoint Presentation
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‘ Promoting Independence’

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‘ Promoting Independence’ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aged Care Assessment (ACAS) Data- Waiting List, Clinical Care Referral and Reporting Central East Aged Care Assessment Service Victoria Presenter : Moyra Kwan (Manager Central East ACAS ‘ Promoting Independence’.

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Aged Care Assessment (ACAS) Data- Waiting List, Clinical Care Referral and ReportingCentral East Aged Care Assessment ServiceVictoria Presenter: Moyra Kwan (Manager Central East ACAS

‘Promoting Independence’

acas overview
Australian & State funded service for frail older people

Part of a national service.

independent teams who assist frail older people and their carers identify what kind of care will best meet their needs.

ACAS determines eligible for Commonwealth funded residential care, residential respite, Community Aged Care Packages (CACPs), Extended Aged Care in Home (EACH) packages or flexible care,

ACAS Overview
overview acas aged care evaluation ace data base
Overview ACAS Aged Care Evaluation (ACE) data base
  • Managed by the ACAP Evaluation Unit

The Lincoln Centre for Research on Ageing

Australian Institute for Primary Care

La Trobe University

  • Client centred data – supplies clinical information, need for assistance and recommendations.
  • Generates PDF Aged Care Client Record (ACCR) - Approval document for Commonwealth residential care and care packages in the community.
  • Care Plan & letters
  • SCoTT
  • Links to E-Delegation process
  • Clients or legal representative signs the “Statement of application form (request for approval for Residential Care , Respite Community Care or Flexible Care)
  • Client assessed.
  • Data entered into ACE.
  • Application submitted to eDelegation
  • Delegation list viewed by Delegate, ACCR and other documentation viewed.
  • Delegate “approves and sends” EACCR to Medicare
  • Status reports generated by ACE
  • Records can be accessed at Medicare Web site by approved service providers
electronic waitlist and referral system
Electronic Waitlist and Referral System
  • Web-based
  • Accessed through a secure online portal
  • Clients registered on waiting list for their preferred provider/s.
  • Information is stored in a secure client data repository.
  • Priority mechanism
number of packages and providers acas in the emr
Number of packages and Providers/ACAS in the EMR
  • CACPS: 1889
  • General EACH: 212
  • Dementia EACH: 95
  • Providers: 28
  • Statewide Service Coordination Referral Tool template (ScTT)
  • Referral priority tool
  • E-ACCR
  • 75-90% Reduction in Non -Value Added (NVA) tasks in medium to larger Service providers and 40-50% in two ACAS.
  • 40 hours per month reduction in administration time for the larger CACPS.
  • Reduction in “real time” work on the part of the case manager within provider agencies who use the waiting list directly and avoids duplication of effort
  • Reduction in process cost of 42 hrs per month at one ACAS and 30 hrs at another ACAS
  • Improved communication of client processing on waiting list - real time
  • Increased and more timely communication and feedback about client and system issues across sector.
  • Improved response to client/ family needs.
  • Improved waiting list monitoring of clients.
  • The ability to generate reports to enable data analysis and monitoring of demand and trends.
state wide usage 30th october 2007
State-wide Usage 30th October 2007
  • All ACAS teams with the exception of two teams.
  • All providers.
  • 12802 Referrals
  • 1004 Users
  • 285 Services
  • 164 Agencies.
state wide governance structure
State wide Governance Structure
  • A Chair Person.
  • A Secretary
  • One service provider from each DHS region
  • One ACAS representative from each DHS region.
  • A representative from the Department of Human Services by invitation and with no voting rights.
  • A representative from InfoXchange Australia by invitation and with no voting rights.
regional steering committee
Regional Steering Committee:
  • A Chair (rotating)
  • A secretary (rotating)
  • Up to 5 Ordinary Members from the local user group
  • ACAS designate
user group regional network
User Group (Regional Network)

Representatives of the Service Providers and the ACAS from each Region.

on going enhancements
On-going enhancements


  • Number of clients allocated to each provider.
  • Number of clients allocated to each program.
  • Number of clients by age.
  • Clients from a CALD background.
  • Clients added to the system for the last 12 months.
  • Number or people waiting by LGA.
  • Number of people waiting by priority.
  • CALD background by LGA
  • Client waiting time by LGA
  • Number of clients LGA.
  • DVA eligible clients.
  • Financially Disadvantaged Clients by LGA
  • Clients with dementia
  • Clients from non-english speaking background
  • Number of clients who did not receive a package and how long they waited on the list
  • What happened to clients who received no package?
future enhancement
Future enhancement
  • Interface with ACE- Imminent
  • Interface with E-Referral- Imminent
  • More reports