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Why to Use Web Content Extractor? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why to Use Web Content Extractor?

Why to Use Web Content Extractor?

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Why to Use Web Content Extractor?

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  1. Why to Use Web Content Extractor? Web scraping is a tedious and time consuming job. It includes all those methods which analyze APIs and then give structured data as a result. Most business firms are increasingly investing in such softwares which give an outline of data available online. The result is mostly in a structured form. Such job if done manually will take a large amount of time and resources. The online technique is much easier but without automation it becomes a tedious job. Why it becomes tedious is because it requires a technical knowledge of programming and computing skills. This makes the need of hiring a professional more obvious.

  2. There are many web extraction softwares like, WebSundew etc. Most companies developing such softwares are trying to incorporate user friendly techniques. Thus there have been advancements in such softwares and new softwares with user friendly features are available in the market. The Web Content Extractor is one such software which uses automation and gives quick and fine results. It is much automatic and made to increase the efficiency of web scraping. The various features of this software are: Extract everything: this software is equipped with techniques that can extract all forms of data from various web pages. It could be price comparison, share market data, real estate data, gathering articles or anything. The content varies and thus it has large applications in the world of web scraping

  3. Automation at peaks: the time of tedious web scraping which requires a lot if programming and technical skills is over. With this Web content extractor even a non experienced person can work because of its automatic nature. It lets you take advantage of its templates and web extraction patterns to get results quicker and easier.

  4. Exporting possibilities: the data is of no use unless it is analyzed into a form which is understandable. This requires exporting results into various formats like HTML or CSV or ODBC compatible format. With this software it is possible to export data into various forms for quick representation and analysis. • Packed with extraction engine: the software supports a web crawler engine which makes data extraction easier, faster and more efficient. It can work with password protected websites and also helps in easier configuration. Multithread downloading is also a feature of this software.

  5. Usage of multiple proxy servers: the usage of these servers makes data extraction speedy. It increases the time worth of web scraping. • Other features: the features of this software don't end here. It also supports: • Templates • Output to FTP server • Configuration wizard. • Thus this software is a futuristic approach to web scraping or data extraction. It is an advancement which helps in easier and user friendly data extraction. For great returns to investment made in web scraping this software should be used. It is reliable software which provides efficient web scraping at a nominal cost and also makes it possible to get faster results.

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