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LinkedIn Content Marketing 1.0: How to Kick-start your Content Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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LinkedIn Content Marketing 1.0: How to Kick-start your Content Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn Content Marketing 1.0: How to Kick-start your Content Marketing Strategy

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LinkedIn Content Marketing 1.0: How to Kick-start your Content Marketing Strategy

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Content Marketing 1.0 ​ How to Kick-start Your Content Marketing Strategy

  2. Content marketing can have a dramatic business effect.

  3. “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” - Seth Godin

  4. Content marketing has become a focal point of modern marketing The most significant digital marketing trend for your company in 2016? Top digital marketing tactics for 2016 Answer choices Percentage (%) 80% Content Marketing 24.6 Content marketing Email Marketing 60% 12.7 Data & analytics 11.1 Marketing automation 50% SEO 11.1 Social media 9.3 Personalisation 50% Online Advertising 9.2 Mobile 5.7 Experiential marketing 35% Social Media Marketing 5.5 Programmatic 4.8 Internet of things 25% Influencer Marketing 4.4 Video 1.7 Native advertising ClickZ’s 2016 Digital Trends Report TopRank Marketing 2016 Digital Priorities

  5. But why do businesses need a content marketing strategy?

  6. Builds your brand When content marketing is delivered to exactly the right demographic and the most relevant time, you have an ideal opportunity to alter their perception of your brand.

  7. Drives Revenue Content marketing provides a controlled and portable shop window for companies to sell products to their customers. “Over 50% of content marketing consumers say it has a positive impact upon purchase decisions.” CMA Research

  8. Retains Customers By offering both entertainment and information, content marketing rewards the customer with engaging editorial while keeping them updated on new products and services.

  9. Engage Customers Long Term By creating a regular dialogue with your audience, you can open a line of communication that gives a constant stream of feedback you can use to improve your service and keep your customers happy.

  10. Laying a solid foundation for your content marketing strategy

  11. The goal. To create a world class global content engine that fuels demand generation, increases brand awareness, and drives thought leadership.

  12. The objectives. Increase X% MQLs driven by content Increase referral traffic by X% by Y Date • • Increase direct traffic by X% by Y Date • Increase blog subscribers by X% by Y date •

  13. The strategy. Create helpful, relevant content and deliver it to the right person at the right time.

  14. The tactics. • Company Page / Showcase Page Updates • Sponsored Content • Blogging • Customer Stories • Email Marketing • InMail • SlideShare • Keyword Research • PPC • Twitter • Podcasts • Newsletters • Video • Webinars • Infographics • Influencer Content • Publishing on LinkedIn "What are the actions you take that cause the strategy to work? What are the events and interactions that, when taken together, comprise your strategy?” Seth Godin

  15. Mapping content to the buyers journey

  16. Gated Funnel Stage Content Type Early Stage Thought leadership and enjoyable content to build brand, awareness, and desire Mostly yes Blog, e-books, research data, funny videos, curated lists, infographics, webinars Middle Stage Tools that help buyers find you when they are looking for solutions Buying guides, RFP templates, ROI calculators, 3rd party analyst reports Yes Late Stage Company-specific information to help evaluate and reaffirm selection Pricing, demos, services information, 3rd party reviews, customer case studies Mostly No

  17. The alignment. • Demand Gen • SEO • PR • Agency Partners • Product Marketing

  18. How to squeeze the most out of your remarkable content

  19. Ann Handley’s Formula Useful x Enjoyable x Inspired = Innovative Content

  20. Three ways to create a big rock Keyword Research (From the Ground Up) Find a Theme in Existing Content Flip Bottom Funnel Content to Top (Turning Customer Stories / Case Studies into Top of Funnel Content)

  21. Repurpose content like leftover turkey

  22. Use turkey slices to fuel your content hubs Sponsored Content (Turn it up to eleven!) Company Pages LinkedIn Groups SlideShare

  23. The big rock

  24. Repurpose, repurpose, then repurpose some more Webinars Physical book Blog content Mobile download Infographics Podcasts SlideShare Influencer blog

  25. Then repurpose some more For Agencies Webinars Ask LMS Mann Vs Funnel Creative Effectiveness What’s Not on Your LinkedIn Profile

  26. Take it global

  27. Leveraging Global Content Get the source files (AI/PSD) Send to local translator Plug in local modules Use agency to localize creative • • • •

  28. Leveraging Global Content

  29. Regional Content Generation

  30. Regional Content Generation

  31. Geo Content Type Content Owners Global Global content team Blog Big Rock content Product demos Regional Regional content team Localised ebooks Regional thought leadership Webinars Local Research Case studies Local thought leadership Local field marketing

  32. Proven tactics for effective distribution of your content

  33. Amplification Social Media Advertising Display / Retargeting Paid Media Paid Content Discovery Services Native Advertising PPC

  34. Amplification Influencer Outreach Earned Media SEO Referrals Word of Mouth Blogging PR

  35. Amplification Mobile Apps Owned Media Website / Resource Center Employee Advocacy

  36. What does success look like?

  37. Turkey slices (Non gated) Blog post Podcast SlideShare Webinar Big rock (Gated) Lead capture Infographic Video Yes No SDR MQL Nurture Sales Qualified? Yes No Revenue Sales

  38. The results out of the gate 1% 1% 2% 6% 4% 6% 7% 9% United States Netherlands India Canada Australia UK Germany New Zealand 34% Email Blog InMail Direct/SEO Other Display 7% 15% 7% 64% 32%

  39. 18,000% ROI

  40. “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” - Seth Godin

  41. Q&A

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