Lord of the Flies Chapter 9: A View to a Death - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lord of the Flies Chapter 9: A View to a Death PowerPoint Presentation
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Lord of the Flies Chapter 9: A View to a Death

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Lord of the Flies Chapter 9: A View to a Death
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Lord of the Flies Chapter 9: A View to a Death

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  1. Done by: Ravintharan (25)‏ Randy Poon (24)‏ Qin Xia Yu (23)‏ Lord of the FliesChapter 9: A View to a Death

  2. Contents page Timeline Chapter Analysis Setting Characterization Literary devices - Symbolism Themes

  3. Timeline

  4. Simon heads towards the distant light, where Jack and the others are having a party, to tell them what he have discovered. Simon wakes up and found out that a storm was coming. He then climbed up the hill and discovered the dead pilot.

  5. Although Ralph questioned Jack about the plans for the stormy weather, Jack simply orders his followers to do a wild hunting dance. Piggy and Ralph decided to go to Jack’s party as well. Jack orders his followers, like a king, to give Ralph and Piggy some food.

  6. The boys mistook Simon as the beast and attacked him, despite his crying about the dead pilot. The storm came to the island. Simon died.

  7. Chapter Analysis

  8. Conflict btw. Savagery and Law and Order (Jack and Ralph)‏ “And the conch doesn’t count at this end of the island” by Jack pg. 186 I’ll blow the conch,” & “and call an assembly.” by Ralph pg. 185 “We shan’t hear it.” by Jack pg. 186

  9. Explanation Quote 1: Direct animosity towards law and order in the form of the conch Quote 2: Asserting of the role of the conch (law and order)‏ Quote 3: Does not want to obey the rules, goes against it

  10. Suggests the complete overpowering of Savagery Jack and his hunters embody savagery They start the ritual of dancing to keep their minds off the rain pg. 187 Just as they are so absorbed in it, Simon appears out in clear view under the help of a lightning bolt

  11. Boys are terrified by the arrival of the “beast” Emotion takes over and they approach Simon, bent on killing the “beast” once and for all This showcases how irrationality (fear of something which does not exist) is related to emotion

  12. As the boys stab the “beast”, they continue their chant of killing the “beast” - emotion rages on Simon dies - without informing them of his discovery of the dead pilot Simon, who is the most insightful and observant of the entire group, dies

  13. Therefore… Simon dies as a result of savagery and emotion gone overboard The only one who knows where the “real” beast lies -- within the boys themselves Shows that Savagery has won because of death and the lack of knowledge to overpower it

  14. Setting

  15. It had begun to turn to stormy weather on the island “Over the island the build-up of clouds continued.” pg.179 “ate beneath a sky of thunderous brass that rang with the storm-coming.” pg. 184 “blink of bright light” pg. 186 “Big drops of rain” pg. 186 Weather

  16. Weather Stormy weather may represent the coming of turbulence amongst the children later on Rain produced by the clouds will extinguish the fire, a symbol of power and responsibility Hence, the weather could be foreshadowing the terrible disarray, the fall of power and uprising of savagery among the boys later on, when they kill Simon

  17. Weather These are quotes which are found after the killing of Simon “the clouds opened and let down the rain like a waterfall” “tore leaves and branches from the trees” “great wind blew the rain sideways” All found from pg. 188 -189

  18. Themes

  19. Leadership/Power Jack Displays his love for power when he demands who will join his tribe “Who’ll join my tribe and have fun?” pg.186 Makes it more tempting when he offers extra services “I gave you food”, “and my hunters will protect you from the beast”

  20. Leadership/Power Ralph Attempts to assert his chieftainship by arguing against Jack “I’m chief,” “because you chose me.” “And I’ve got the conch” “I’ll blow the conch,” “and call an assembly” All found on pg.185 -186

  21. Civilisation and its Rules VS Chaos and Irrationality Jack He opposes Ralph’s formal rule of obeying the holder of the conch and mocks him even “You haven’t got it with you,” “You left it behind. See, clever?” He also challenges Ralph about his ________. “What are you going to do about it then?” All found on pg.186

  22. Civilisation and its Rules VS Chaos and Irrationality Jack He ignores the conch’s calls for an assembly “We shan’t hear it” All found on pg.186

  23. Rituals and Mob Psychology Jack He decides to get the chant and dance rolling when Ralph makes the others feel bad about themselves “The hunters were looking uneasily at the sky, flinching…” “Do our dance! Come on! Dance!” All found on pg. 187

  24. Rituals and Mob Psychology Littluns They are influenced by the entire ritual of dancing and the togetherness of the rest of the group to join in “Some of the littluns started a ring on their own” Found on pg.187

  25. Rituals and Mob Psychology Influence The entire group were all on their emotional sense when they killed Simon and chanted at the same time They became insensitive to their actions “The beast struggled forward, broke the ring and fell over the steep edge of the rock to the sand by the water.”

  26. Influence “At once the crowd surged after it, poured down the rock, leapt on to the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore.” “There were no words, and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws.” All found on pg. 188

  27. Characterization

  28. Ralph Civilised - “Bathing”, said Ralph, that’s the only thing to do” [pg 181] - “And I’ve got the conch” [pg 186]

  29. Jack Authoritarian - “Take them some meat” [pg 184] and “Give me a drink” [pg 185] Influential “Who’ll join my tribe and have fun?” [pg 186] Savagery complete took over civilization - “the conch doesn’t count at this end of the island” and Jack’s face was “painted and garlanded”

  30. Simon Represents Christ - Simon’s death is similar to Jesus, as both of them sacrificed their life after learning profound truths about human morality.  “Simon’s dead body moved out towards the open sea.” [pg 190]

  31. Symbolism

  32. Symbols Lord of the Flies Literally: Sow’s head on a stick Figuratively: Wisdom (It provides advice for Simon)‏ When Simon wakes up, he finds that he has nothing to do so he asks LOTF, “What else is there to do?” Pg.180

  33. Symbols The Beast Literally: A dead parachutist Figuratively: Fear, Dread Simon was scared of the Beast, when he saw “a humped thing suddenly sit up on the top and look down at him”, he “hid his face, and toiled on”Pg.180,181.

  34. Symbols The Signal Fire Literally: A fire used to attract attention. Figuratively: Security, Comfort, Hope When Simon looked down at the fire, it was “possible to see that most of the boys-perhaps all the boys were there” Pg.181.

  35. Symbols The Conch Literally: A shell Figuratively: Order, rules, civilization When Ralph “I’ve got the conch-”, Jack replied with a sneer “you haven't got it with you”Pg.186. This shows that the conch was losing its power and influence as Jack and the savages don’t care about it and do not heed the call for an assembly.

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