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lord of the flies chapter 7 9 themes n.
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Lord of the Flies Chapter 7-9 Themes PowerPoint Presentation
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Lord of the Flies Chapter 7-9 Themes

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Lord of the Flies Chapter 7-9 Themes
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Lord of the Flies Chapter 7-9 Themes

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  1. Lord of the Flies Chapter 7-9 Themes By The Theme Team

  2. Chapter 7 • “Why do you hate me?” (Pg. 118) • Ralph asks Jack why he hates him, and Jack doesn’t respond initially. However, Jack begins arguing with Ralph shortly afterwards. Jack doesn’t really know why he hates Ralph, but Jack wants Ralph’s power, and that desire and jealousy is where Jack’s loathing of Ralph originates.

  3. Chapter 7 (cont) • “Be sucking my thumb next-” (pg. 109) • Ralph is thinking about himself, examining the physical changes he has undergone. He is self-conscious as he observes his scraggly hair, and longs for a shower and a toothbrush. He notices that he is becoming emotional when thinking of how he used to be, but he scolds himself for this display of emotion. Ralph has changed in the situation, as all the boys have, except for Piggy.

  4. Chapter 7 (cont) • “I hit him.” said Ralph indignantly. “I hit him with my spear, I wounded him.” (pg 114) • As the boys attempt to hunt a boar, which escapes, Ralph is quick to point out that he had a part in the hunt. He wants to show that he is participatory and a good leader. This haste foreshadows Ralph’s coming overthrow.

  5. Chapter 8 • “I’m not going to play any longer. Not with you.” (pg 127) • As Jack withdraws from Ralph’s society, Jack makes this concerning remark. Even though their entire time spend on the Island has been a matter of life and death, to Jack it is all still a game. He doesn’t realize the weight of their actions, and he doesn’t realize the seriousness of the situation.

  6. Chapter 8 (cont) • “Fancy thinking the beast was something you could hunt and kill!” (pg 143) • As Simon hallucinates and has a “conversation” with The Lord of the Flies, the Lord of the Flies taunts him, telling him that the boys themselves are the beast, and the beast is not something outside of them that could be destroyed. The evil is actually within the boys, the darkness is their violent urges.

  7. Chapter 9 • “But to judge by the greasy faces… coconut shells full of drink.” (pg 148-9) • Ralph and Piggy have become outsiders when Jack overthrows Ralph’s power and forms a new society with savage behavior. Ralph observes that they have water, Jack’s leadership is effective but harsh.

  8. Chapter 9 (cont) • “You left it behind. See, clever? And the conch doesn’t count at the end of the island.” (pg 150) • Jack is taunting Ralph, telling him that the society is much better now and doesn’t need to be run by conch shell. However, Jack’s society is chaotic and the leadership cruel. The newly formed society is already heading toward disaster….