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A Day of Remembrance: Virginia Tech

A Day of Remembrance: Virginia Tech . By: Makayla Patton. http://www.vt.edu/remember/. Summary.

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A Day of Remembrance: Virginia Tech

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  1. A Day of Remembrance: Virginia Tech By: Makayla Patton http://www.vt.edu/remember/

  2. Summary On April 16, 2007 the campus of Virginia Tech was changed forever when an outburst of gunfire was ran through a dormitory then hours later classrooms. There were 32 students including faculty and staff and 30 others injured. The 2012 Day of Remembrance was events which was held to honor the 32 people that lost there lives during the massacre.

  3. How was the story told? They story was told through video, audio, photos and stories from different people who attended the ceremony.

  4. Which elements made it an effective story? The photographs that were taken made it an effective story because the photos gave you a visual of what happened and the emotions that the community had during the ceremony which made you feel as the audience that were there too.

  5. Would the story be just as effective told with one type of media? I don’t think this story would be as effective with just one media because the audience needs to have several media to get the whole story to deliver different information about the ceremony.

  6. How could the story be better? The story could be more better by puttiing some audio of the speeches that were given during the ceremony while you view the slide show could make it more better.

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