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2012 New Faculty Benefits Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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2012 New Faculty Benefits Orientation

2012 New Faculty Benefits Orientation

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2012 New Faculty Benefits Orientation

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  1. 2012 New Faculty Benefits Orientation

  2. Today, we will cover: • Your paycheck • The benefits packet • Deadlines • How to enroll • Required forms and supporting documentation • Insurance Coverage • Open Enrollment and Qualified Life Events • Retirement plans / Long Term Disability • Additional NAU benefits • Where to get help

  3. How to Make Sure You Get Paid!! • First payday for most new faculty is Friday, September 7th. • full two-week pay check • To expedite your enrollment in payroll and benefits: • Must have completed your online hiring documentation through “Hire Express” ( • Should have received a welcome email that included instructions for the online hiring packet. If you did not receive this email, please contact your department or Human Resources. • Enroll in direct deposit online • Paperless pay - view pay statements and sick leave balance online. • Keep your address and phone information updated through “self –service” in our online PeopleSoft data management program (LOUIE)

  4. Your Paycheck • Paid bi-weekly, on Fridays • For the first year, new faculty are paid over the academic year (9 months) • 9 month pay schedule results in a “pre-payment” of certain benefits starting Spring semester • Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurances • This keeps your benefit coverage active over the summer months • June, July and August • A 12-month pay option can be elected at the end of first academic year • Faculty who leave NAU at the end of their first academic year: • benefits will terminate effective May 13, 2013 (regardless of when in summer you terminate!) • pre-paid insurances are refunded on the last paycheck

  5. Benefit Packet Contents • Packet will arrive in your departmental mailbox • Rate Sheets • Welcome Letter • Required Benefits Disclosure Form • Retirement Plan Information • Insurance Information • No substitute for

  6. Important Deadlines You have 90 days from the first day of your appointment to enroll in your benefits and submit required documents to HR. If your contract begins on August 20, 2011, your 90 day deadline is November 18, 2012. Voluntary benefits begin the first of the pay period following your 90-day waiting period (unless eligible for waiver) andsuccessfulcompletion of your online enrollment. For pay period calendar, go to

  7. Enroll in Benefits through LOUIE • Completed through our online data management system called “LOUIE” (Lumberjack's Online University Information Environment). Available at • ID and password are needed to log onto LOUIE - the same ones used to access your NAU computer and email. • For help with id/password issues, call the ITS Solution Center at 523-1511. • Once you have logged in to LOUIE, follow the path below to enroll in benefits from your office or home computer: • LOUIE > Self Service > Benefits > Benefits Enrollment > ‘Select’ New Hire Event

  8. Enroll in Benefits through LOUIE

  9. In addition to on-line voluntary benefits enrollment… • On-line Retirement Election • Establish Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) Account • - REQUIRED if electing ASRS • OR • Establish Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Account • - REQUIRED if electing ORP • Instructions for Retirement Enrollment at

  10. When do Benefits & Deductions Begin? • Mandatory benefits: • Retirement contributions • ORP – Immediately (first paycheck) • ORP LTD – 1st pay period following 90 days • ASRS – 1st pay period following 6 months • Basic Life Insurance - 1st pay period following 90 days • Voluntary benefits begin on the 1st of the pay period following waiting period, andsuccessfulcompletion of on-line enrollment. • Health • Dental • Vision • Supplemental and Dependent Life Insurance • Short-term Disability • Flexible Spending accounts • Enrollment within the first 90 days of your start date is required to prevent loss of benefits options.

  11. Who is Eligible? • Medical, dental, and vision coverage is available for you and your eligible dependents. • Eligible dependents are defined as: • Legal Spouse • Qualified Domestic Partner • Children under age 26 (regardless of marital or employment status or state residency) • Qualified Child of Domestic Partner • Child status may be natural, adopted, foster, step-children, legal guardianship

  12. Supporting Documentation • To enroll dependent(s) in insurance plans, you need to submit supporting documentation: • Marriage Certificate • Birth Certificate • Court Documents - Required for proof of legal guardianship, adoption, etc. • Social Security Numbers • - Required for those dependents you will add to your health, dental, and/or vision plan • All required forms and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Human Resources Department within 90 days of your start date.

  13. Arizona State Agency Transfer* • Agency transfer is an employee who transfers from another AZ state employer or AZ university. • Must be hired at NAU within 31 days of separation from previous AZ employer. • Must elect same plans and coverage levels • Must continue in same retirement plan of ASRS or ORP (unless there is change of classification) • Sick leave balance transfers. * Notify Human Resources immediately if this option pertains to you, for proper documentation to be completed.

  14. Overview of Benefit Plans

  15. Health Insurances

  16. Health Insurances

  17. HealthInsurances

  18. Health Insurance – Monthly Premiums Effective 1/1/2012 * State PPOs = (Preferred Provider Orgs) = Aetna, AmeriBen BCBS, UnitedHealthcare / premiums are rounded to closest dollar ** State EPOs (Exclusive Provider Orgs) = Aetna, AmeriBen BCBS, CIGNA, UnitedHealthcare / premiums are rounded to closest dollar

  19. Health Insurances – PPO

  20. Health Insurances - EPO

  21. Rx Coverage *BCBS PPO – Refer to for most current information.

  22. Dental Insurances

  23. Dental Insurance

  24. Dental Plans • Delta Dental • $50/$150 Deductible • Restorative - Basic 80% Major 50% • $2,000 Yearly Maximum (Regular Services) • $1,500 Lifetime Maximum for Orthodontia • Total Dental • No deductibles • No claim forms to file Limited providers in Flagstaff – four (4) More limited in coverage

  25. Dental Insurance Per-Pay Period Premiums

  26. Dental CARE NAU’s Very Own Dental Hygiene Clinic • You can receive affordable, preventative dental services at Northern Arizona University’s dental hygiene clinic. • Relatively inexpensive fee-for-service delivery (no insurance) • Staffed by advanced hygiene students supervised by licensed professionals • Evening appointments available • 208 Pine Knoll Dr. (South Campus) • Building 66, room 216 • Call 928-523-3500 for appointments • Web Page:

  27. Vision Insurance

  28. Vision Insurance – Avesis

  29. Vision Insurance – Avesis

  30. Avesis Discount Pgm (for non-subscribers)

  31. Vision Insurance – Per Pay Period Premiums

  32. Flexible Spending Accounts

  33. Flexible Spending Accounts A Flexible Spending Account allows you to pay for certain medical or dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars from your paycheck. You save: Federal Taxes State Taxes Social Security Taxes

  34. Flexible Spending Accounts – How they work • Two accounts are available: • Medical and Dependent Care • Monies are pledged annually and deducted on a pre-tax basis. • Eligible medical or dependent care expenses are reimbursed to you from your contributions. • Contributions are divided evenly over the number of paychecks received during the calendar year.

  35. Flexible Spending Accounts – How they work • Contributions for mid-year enrollments are deducted over the remaining pay periods in the plan year. • There are 8 pay periods between Sept.1 and Dec 31, 2011. • Contributions begin the first of the month following successful enrollment. • The NAU plan is administered by ASI. Claim forms and eligible expense information can be found at:

  36. Flexible Spending Accounts – Administered by ASI • Health Care FSA • Maximum annual pledge of $5,000 for remainder of 2012. • Changing to $2,500 limit in 2013. • Reimbursed up to the total amount of the pledge for the year at any time. • Dependent Care FSA • Maximum annual pledge of $5,000. • Reimbursed only up to the amount you actually funded through payroll deductions. • Debit Card Available for ease of payments ($12/yr.) • Remains at $5,000 for 2013

  37. Flexible Spending Accounts • Enrollment into FSA can be done: • Within 90 days of date of hire • During FSA open enrollment • Must re-enroll each year • Within 31 days of some qualified life events (QLEs) • Reimbursement is very fast when you select direct deposit for FSA. • Pledge conservatively, amounts not claimed for reimbursement will be lost! • Use it or lose it!

  38. Life Insurance plans

  39. Life Insurance – Basic Life NAU-paid Basic Life Insurance policy through Hartford Insurance Company (mandatory). Coverage $15,000 Term Policy $15,000 AD&D Benefit $15,000 Seat Belt Coverage $ 5,000 Airbag Benefit IMPORTANT: You must designate a beneficiary for Basic Life to successfully enroll in ALL voluntary benefits.

  40. Life Insurance – Supplemental and Dependent Life Insurance Available for employees in addition to the Basic Life policy. Dependent life insurance for your spouse or dependent(s) may be purchased in addition to supplemental life insurance. Policies are available through: Hartford Life Insurance Co. Aetna Life Insurance Co. Go to for details

  41. Disability Insurance

  42. Short-Term Disability Insurances - STD Provides protection against loss of income due to illness or injury. STD provides a benefit up to the first 6 months of a disability. Two plan choices: • UnumProvident • Pays 70% of weekly salary for 26 weeks. • Pre-existing conditions covered after 6 months • Includes a $30,000 AD&D policy • Benefit pays after a 30-day waiting period unless hospitalized for more than 24 hours. • Hartford Insurance • Pays 66.67% of base monthly salary for 6 months. • Pre-existing conditions covered immediately. • Includes a return-to-work incentive. • Benefit pays after a 30-day waiting period unless off-work status due to an accident. • Nifty Comparison Chart Available at

  43. Short-Term Disability Insurances – STD (After tax deduction) Short-Term Disability premiums are deducted after-tax. As a result, the benefits received are non-taxable income. UnumProvident Premium: $.71 per $100 of base monthly salary Covers 70% of base salary Hartford Premium: $.69 per $100 of base monthly salary Covers 66.7% of base salary

  44. Long-Term Disability Insurance - LTD • Provides protection against loss of income due to illness or injury. • Benefit begins after a 6-month waiting period from date of disability. • Coordinates with other disability income: • Social Security • Workers’ Compensation • Sick Accrual

  45. Long-Term Disability Insurance - LTD • Mandatory benefit, tied to your retirement benefit. • Selection of your Retirement Plan determines which LTD carrier you have. • Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) • Coverage provided by Sedgwick, CMS • $0.26 per $100 of salary paid by employee, after tax, but wrapped into the single ASRS deduction. • $0.23 per $100 of salary paid by NAU • Pays 66 2/3% of pre-disability income up to retirement age depending on a number of factors (age, length of service, and others). • Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) • Coverage provided by Hartford • No cost to the employee • Pays 66 2/3% of pre-disability income • Pays for between 12 & 42 mos. depending on age at disability.

  46. Making Changes to Your Voluntary (Medical, Dental, Vision) Benefits

  47. Making Changes to Your Benefits Open enrollment October 29 – November 16, 2012 Open Enrollment is the time each yearwhen employees are able to enroll or make changes to their benefit plans. Qualified Life Events Qualified Life Events (QLEs) are eventsthat allow an employee the opportunity to make a change to their benefits mid-year.

  48. Making Changes to Your Benefits - QLEs • The type of life event the employee experiences will dictate the change(s) available. • Examples of QLEs include: Change in Marital Status Marriage, divorce, legal separation, annulment Change in Dependent(s) Birth, adoption or legal guardianship Change in dependent eligibility Loss/gain coverage – Spouse/Dependent Removal of legal custody – dependent Death of spouse/dependent

  49. Making Changes to Your Benefits - QLEs Employees have 31 days from the date of the qualified life event to notify the Human Resources Department, make changes to their benefit plan in the LOUIE system, and submit all supporting documentation. • Failure to meet the 31-day deadline may have the following results: • Jeopardize your eligibility to make changes and possibly result in no coverage for dependents, • Loss of coverage for dependents, • Loss of COBRA rights for your dependents, or • Other negative impacts to you and/or your dependents

  50. Retirement Plan Options