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New Faculty Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Orientation

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New Faculty Orientation

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  1. New Faculty Orientation Kenneth Pierce Vice Provost for Information Technology and CIO

  2. Agenda • OIT Connect • MyUTSAID • Email • File Storage Options • Networking and Remote Access • Personal Computing Requirements • Classroom Technology • Blackboard • Online Learning • Technology Research Complex

  3. OIT Connect • If you need technology support (accounts, software, hardware issues, etc) you should contact OIT Connect at • The phone number for OIT Connect is 458-4555 • The web site address is • OIT Connect is the Office of Information Technology’s single contact point for acquiring services or for requesting assistance.

  4. MyUTSA ID • Your MyUTSA ID is a 3 letter + 3 number user id used for access to the majority of UTSA online services • The MyUTSA ID password requirement is a passphrase of at least 15 characters and a maximum of 128 characters (no complexity requirements, no set expiration) • MyUTSA ID passphrases MUST NOT BE SHARED WITH ANYONE. • It is your credential for email, ASAP, wireless, Blackboard, your computer, RowdySpace, SharePoint, FAIR, Digital Measures, I: Drive file storage, classroom computers, Shibboleth, Cayuse, Compliance Training, ECRT, and a whole lot more

  5. Email • We currently use Microsoft Exchange / Outlook for email services • Current quota is 5 gigabytes • We are in transition through the end of the year to Office 365 hosted services • No change in Outlook, login, etc. Pretty transparent. • New quota when migrated will be 25 gigabytes standard, 100 gigabytes if needed

  6. File Storage Options • I: Drive -> automatically mapped for each user on the UTSARR domain, with no enforced quotas. Departmental space is here as well. Only accessible offsite through VPN • RowdySpace -> web-based file storage accessible on/off campus. Set quotas, but easily raised. Allows for non-UTSA individuals to access through system generated tickets. Will be replaced in the next 18 months (most likely with • SharePoint -> Great option for collaborative storage. No quotas set. Can share documents or just keep private. Has a great search engine. • URTC -> hosted solution by UT System / TACC for research data. Contact OIT if you need access to it. 10 gigabit connectivity from UTSA to TACC • Main Point of this slide …. YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY STORAGE!

  7. Networking and Remote Access • You have access to the wired network all the time • For wireless, we have 3 networks: UTSA _FACSTAFF (secure), UTSA_Student (secure), UTSA_Guest (not secure) • For remote access, we have a virtual private network (VPN) you can use

  8. Personal Computing Responsibilities • Two guiding policies we live by are TAC 202 and UTS 165 • Computers report to central console for “health” reasons • If you have a laptop (yours or ours) and you do university business on it, it must be encrypted • Backup your data. For your primary computer, we have CrashPlan to perform regular backups for you – no effort continuous backups. • Insight is a tool we use to manage computer resources throughout the university. You can always login and see how you look. • Policies and Standards can be found in HOP 8.12 and on the OIT web site.

  9. Classroom Technology • OIT Supports over 200 centrally scheduled and managed classrooms outfitted with projectors, screens, podiums, document cameras, etc. • If you need any assistance with classroom configurations, contact OIT Connect. • We also have interactive TV rooms between 1604 and downtown • Lecture capture services are available on request

  10. Blackboard • UTSA is coming up on its last semester in WebCT CE 8 in the Fall 2012 • Beginning Spring, 2013, all courses will be in Blackboard Learn 9 platform with mobile device support • If you have questions about WebCT or Blackboard, contact OIT Connect (see a theme here about who to contact?)

  11. Online Learning • We have a very good online learning team at UTSA, located in the bottom floor of the MS building. • Adjacent to the online learning team is the Faculty Information Technology (FIT) lab. Use this lab for any technology support you need in teaching • The online learning team can assist you in creating any online content you need, use of WebCT / Blackboard, including any related tools (Wimba, etc).

  12. Research and Information Technology Zone • Located in the MS Building, 1st Floor • Research Data Center (RDC) • Advanced Visualization Laboratory (AVL) • Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Lab