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New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Orientation. Kenneth Pierce Vice Provost for Information Technology and CIO. Agenda. OIT Connect MyUTSA ID Email File Storage Options Networking and Remote Access Personal Computing Requirements Classroom Technology Blackboard Online Learning Technology Research Complex .

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New Faculty Orientation

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  1. New Faculty Orientation Kenneth Pierce Vice Provost for Information Technology and CIO

  2. Agenda • OIT Connect • MyUTSAID • Email • File Storage Options • Networking and Remote Access • Personal Computing Requirements • Classroom Technology • Blackboard • Online Learning • Technology Research Complex

  3. OIT Connect • If you need technology support (accounts, software, hardware issues, etc) you should contact OIT Connect at oitconnect@utsa.edu. • The phone number for OIT Connect is 458-4555 • The web site address is http://oitconnect.utsa.edu • OIT Connect is the Office of Information Technology’s single contact point for acquiring services or for requesting assistance.

  4. MyUTSA ID • Your MyUTSA ID is a 3 letter + 3 number user id used for access to the majority of UTSA online services • The MyUTSA ID password requirement is a passphrase of at least 15 characters and a maximum of 128 characters (no complexity requirements, no set expiration) • MyUTSA ID passphrases MUST NOT BE SHARED WITH ANYONE. • It is your credential for email, ASAP, wireless, Blackboard, your computer, RowdySpace, SharePoint, FAIR, Digital Measures, I: Drive file storage, classroom computers, Shibboleth, Cayuse, Compliance Training, ECRT, and a whole lot more

  5. Email • We currently use Microsoft Exchange / Outlook for email services • Current quota is 5 gigabytes • We are in transition through the end of the year to Office 365 hosted services • No change in Outlook, login, etc. Pretty transparent. • New quota when migrated will be 25 gigabytes standard, 100 gigabytes if needed

  6. File Storage Options • I: Drive -> automatically mapped for each user on the UTSARR domain, with no enforced quotas. Departmental space is here as well. Only accessible offsite through VPN • RowdySpace -> web-based file storage accessible on/off campus. Set quotas, but easily raised. Allows for non-UTSA individuals to access through system generated tickets. Will be replaced in the next 18 months (most likely with Box.net) • SharePoint -> Great option for collaborative storage. No quotas set. Can share documents or just keep private. Has a great search engine. • URTC -> hosted solution by UT System / TACC for research data. Contact OIT if you need access to it. 10 gigabit connectivity from UTSA to TACC • Main Point of this slide …. YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY STORAGE!

  7. Networking and Remote Access • You have access to the wired network all the time • For wireless, we have 3 networks: UTSA _FACSTAFF (secure), UTSA_Student (secure), UTSA_Guest (not secure) • For remote access, we have a virtual private network (VPN) you can use

  8. Personal Computing Responsibilities • Two guiding policies we live by are TAC 202 and UTS 165 • Computers report to central console for “health” reasons • If you have a laptop (yours or ours) and you do university business on it, it must be encrypted • Backup your data. For your primary computer, we have CrashPlan to perform regular backups for you – no effort continuous backups. • Insight is a tool we use to manage computer resources throughout the university. You can always login and see how you look. • Policies and Standards can be found in HOP 8.12 and on the OIT web site.

  9. Classroom Technology • OIT Supports over 200 centrally scheduled and managed classrooms outfitted with projectors, screens, podiums, document cameras, etc. • If you need any assistance with classroom configurations, contact OIT Connect. • We also have interactive TV rooms between 1604 and downtown • Lecture capture services are available on request

  10. Blackboard • UTSA is coming up on its last semester in WebCT CE 8 in the Fall 2012 • Beginning Spring, 2013, all courses will be in Blackboard Learn 9 platform with mobile device support • If you have questions about WebCT or Blackboard, contact OIT Connect (see a theme here about who to contact?)

  11. Online Learning • We have a very good online learning team at UTSA, located in the bottom floor of the MS building. • Adjacent to the online learning team is the Faculty Information Technology (FIT) lab. Use this lab for any technology support you need in teaching • The online learning team can assist you in creating any online content you need, use of WebCT / Blackboard, including any related tools (Wimba, etc).

  12. Research and Information Technology Zone • Located in the MS Building, 1st Floor • Research Data Center (RDC) • Advanced Visualization Laboratory (AVL) • Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Lab

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