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Features of Ancient Mesopotamia PowerPoint Presentation
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Features of Ancient Mesopotamia

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Features of Ancient Mesopotamia

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Features of Ancient Mesopotamia

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  1. Features of Ancient Mesopotamia Kiera

  2. The First Civilisation The civilisations within Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Assyria and Sumer, were the very first to develop organised communities with religion, laws, rules and advances in technology and science. The Mesopotamians built many cities and grand structures, such as temples, palaces and city walls.

  3. Food and Water Supply One of the most important things required in a civilisation is a reliable source of food and water. Being located in between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, the ‘Fertile Crescent’ had sufficient supply of water and food for the Mesopotamians, as it was a good area for growing crops.

  4. System of Government, Rules and Laws The civilisation of Ancient Mesopotamia was also the first to have a system of government and rules and laws for their citizens. They had a labour force that conducted many specialised tasks, and they made many laws. Over 3 millenniums, Mesopotamia went through different forms of government, but they can all be characterized as powerful rulers who played a major role in their history.

  5. Writing The Mesopotamians believed in education and record keeping, so they developed a written language that began as pictographs. This soon developed into a form of ancient writing that we now call ‘cuneiforn’, which is one of the earliest known forms of writing in the world. Cuneiform tablet, showing a tally of sheep and goats.

  6. Religion Mesopotamians had a variety of different religious beliefs and practices, as they worshipped many different Gods that served lots of separate purposes. The religion of Mesopotamia is believed to be the oldest, as it’s the earliest that we have records of.

  7. Thanks for watching! In conclusion, Ancient Mesopotamia has produced lots of evidence of it’s developed culture in its art and social practices, as well as in regard of achievements in science and technology.