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Airconditioning & Humidity Control Singapore

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Airconditioning & Humidity Control Singapore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Utopia manufactures the finest Temperature & Humidity Control Chamber and Test Chamber which is helpful in maintaining the desired environment in the clean room..

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Utopia produces one of the best temperature and humidity control chamber

and test chamber. These chambers are typically used to ensure that the

appropriate temperature and humidity are maintained in critical

environments such as clean rooms.


Utopia’s temperature and humidity control chamber and test chambers are able

to satisfy all these criteria, making them suitable for a wide variety of testing

purposes such as material testing, function testing, thermal accelerated aging

test and climate testing.


These testing are suitable on composite materials such as cements and concrete,

plastics materials or electronic components in various fields such as the

automotive, construction, aerospace industries, and electronics industries.


Utopia also provides walk-in chambers that enable large items or batches of items

to be tested under various temperature and humidity conditions. There is access on

the side that can monitor the temperature and gather the test data even while the

test is still ongoing. These walk-in chambers are large enough to fit full-size

pallets for temperature and humidity preconditioning requirements.


Utopia provides unidirectional filtering ceiling for special strict environments

such as surgical rooms. One of the unique characteristic of the unidirectional

filtering ceiling provided by Utopia is that the shape is octagon instead of the

traditional square or rectangle shape.


Having an octagonal ceiling has the advantage of not unnecessary protecting the

angles that are redundant. This reduces the operating and maintenance costs of a

unidirectional filtering ceiling due to the rational that the running cost is

proportional to the required air flow which in turn, is determined by the surface

area of the ceiling installed.


An octagonal design compared with a square design reduces the overall surface

area of the ceiling by about 20 per cent. This reduction in surface area also brings

down the required air flow to about 7200 cubic meter s per hour.


The unidirectional filtering ceiling is also known as laminar ceiling. Its octagonal

shape is 3.2 meters long on each side. There are a total of 8 trapezoidal absolute

filters that are rated with an efficiency of H14.


This allows higher velocity to be achieved which resulted in better elimination of

contamination based on the assumption that the area in the middle is the most

important where the highest level of sterile air is required. The trapezoidal filters

are built with a mechanism to ensure that the air falls circularly around the filters.


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