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Singapore Compact for CSR: The CSR Movement in Singapore

Singapore Compact for CSR: The CSR Movement in Singapore. Presentation by: Mr Thomas Thomas - Executive Director, Singapore Compact for CSR Chair, Singapore Mirror Committee for ISO 26000. The CSR Movement in Singapore. CSR Overview in Singapore

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Singapore Compact for CSR: The CSR Movement in Singapore

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  1. Singapore Compact for CSR:The CSR Movement in Singapore Presentation by: Mr Thomas Thomas - Executive Director, Singapore Compact for CSR Chair, Singapore Mirror Committee for ISO 26000

  2. The CSR Movement in Singapore CSR Overview in Singapore National Tripartite Initiative (NTI) on CSR Singapore Compact for CSR

  3. CSR Overview in Singapore • While concept of CSR is relatively new in Singapore, its spirit and practices have been present in the social, environment and economic fabrics of Singapore • Good corporate governance and sound legal framework is a basic for CSR. It enhances trust and relations in society. • CSR movement has to start from the workplace with key roles for unions, employers and government. • The tripartite foundation/way of managing change has been Singapore’s time-tested approach.

  4. CSR Overview in Singapore • Core element is the observance of good labour standards/practices where the labour movement in Singapore has been active. • CSR is strongly promoted through co-operatives given its founding history & social mission and co-operatives have a strong market presence • Government has promoted good CSR practices by: (a) publicly endorsing CSR efforts; (b) supporting volunteerism & corporate partnership; (c) high importance to environment/anti-pollution standards (d) regulation towards good corporate governance practices

  5. NTI (National Tripartite Initiative) on CSR • NTI (National Tripartite Initiative) on CSR was launched in May 2004 as national/tripartite CSR platform • functions as national CSR steering committee to formulate coordinated strategy for sustainable and effective programme implementation in Singapore. • tripartite partners as key members with representation from various national bodies, including e.g. National Volunteers & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), Singapore National Cooperative Federation (SNCF)

  6. Singapore Compact for CSR • Launch of Singapore Compact as a multi-stakeholders national society and UNGC country partner, in bringing forward the movement in Singapore (Jan 05) • NTUC and SNEF as founder members; currently with about 140 members from corporations, unions, cooperatives, associations and NGOs that have joined to support the initiative. • Clear constitution and structure for multi-stakeholder leadership & membership. Annual fee categories to promote participation. • Launch of the UNGC country network in Singapore by Minister and UN Asst Sec-Gen, with 13 Founding Signatories from major companies and umbrella bodies in Singapore (Sep 05) Singapore Compact website - www.csrsingapore.org

  7. UN Global Compact Singapore Network- Founding Signatories -

  8. UN Global Compact Singapore Network- Founding Signatories -

  9. Singapore Compact for CSR • The Corporate, Institutional and Associate members benefit from networking events, training, advisory and information services. • Launch of a CSR Youth Chapter & Tri-varsity Student Essay Competition in the NUS (University) Campus (Jan 06) • Inaugural National CSR and Youth Conference held with 500 participants/leaders to share best practices and promote stakeholder engagements (July 06) • Serves as the Singapore Mirror Committee for ISO26000 on Social Responsibility • Ongoing activities include regular dialogues, seminars and partnership programmes with stakeholders e.g Distinguished Lecture with Sir Mark, Chairman of UNGC Foundation (Nov 06) Singapore Compact website - www.csrsingapore.org

  10. Singapore Compact for CSR • Key Future Workplans will include: (a) regular newsletters and publications for wider information sharing & exchanges (b) more structured and modular training programmes (c) national CSR award and/or survey to enhance awareness building and recognition (d) sectoral rountable consultations and workgroups to promote stakeholder engagements (e) develop private-people CSR partnership progammes in the community as key desired outcome (f) continue to participate & foster regional dialogues and exchanges e.g regional UNGC Asia conference Singapore Compact website - www.csrsingapore.org

  11. Conclusion Key Management challenges from CSR: • Integrating CSR into company’s core purpose and values • Developing effective partnership with stakeholders • Translating policies into practices - Corporate could be well placed to tackle and benefit from these issues. - Corporate has tools to change behaviour, engage stakeholders and make reality of slogans Support UN Global Compact and Make a Difference!

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