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Qualifications Update: Physical Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Qualifications Update: Physical Education

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Qualifications Update: Physical Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Qualifications Update: Physical Education. Key messages: PE Higher. The Higher Physical Education Course will: build upon the skills, knowledge and understanding developed at National 5 provide clear progression from National 5

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Qualifications Update: Physical Education

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    1. Qualifications Update: Physical Education

    2. Key messages: PE Higher The Higher Physical Education Course will: • build upon the skills, knowledge and understanding developed at National 5 • provide clear progression from National 5 • combine popular and relevant approaches and topics from the current Course as well as introducing updated content • continue to be benchmarked against SCQF level 6 • ensure that the level of demand for candidates is consistent with other Higher qualifications

    3. Key messages: Units • Hierarchical with National 3, 4 and 5 • 2 Units • Physical Education: Performance Skills • Learners will develop a broad and comprehensive range of complex movement and performance skills through a range of physical activities • Physical Education: Factors Impacting on Performance • Learners will consider how mental, emotional, social, and physical factors can influence effectiveness in performance

    4. Key messages: Course Assessment Course assessment will consist of two components: • Performance: 60 marks • Question paper: 40 marks

    5. Assessment Support Schedule 2013/14

    6. Key messages • Some clarification of mandatory content in CAS will be undertaken for Higher PE • PE page on SQA website: Further information • ‘The four factors for Physical Education Courses’ (MESP table) • Common questions • Course and Unit Support Notes • Link to Education Scotland

    7. Physical EducationUnit Assessmentat Higher

    8. Unit assessment - recap • Flexible and open Assessment Standards and Evidence Requirements in Units • Greater range of techniques and methodologies for assessment – encouraged • Assessments can be designed to provide evidence across more than one outcome or Unit – combined assessments • More opportunities to gather naturally occurring evidence – assessment as part of learning and teaching

    9. Unit Assessment Support purpose As at National 5, Assessment Support will be provided which you can use to: • Assess your candidates • Adapt for your own assessment programmes • Help you develop your own assessments

    10. Unit Assessment Support at Higher – key features • Valid from August 2014 • Complements and supports learning and teaching • Assess competence against Unit Outcomes and Assessment Standards • Designed to encourage professional judgement • Provide broad-based tasks – allow assessors to choose appropriate context and forms of evidence • Show range of approaches to generating assessment evidence • Give information on the type of evidence which could be gathered

    11. Unit assessment support packages at Higher - approaches Package 1 • Unit by Unit approach – discrete assessment tasks for each Unit Package 2 • Portfolio approach – naturally occurring evidence Package 3 • Combined approach – groups Outcomes and Assessment Standards from different Units

    12. Unit Assessment Support: Package 1

    13. UASP - Package 1 • Unit by Unit Approach: both Units are provided • Look at one Unit as an example of the key aspects of the Higher UASPs: • Overview of Assessment section indicates the general requirements for the Unit • Use the Judging Evidence Table for information on making assessment judgements (column 3) and guidance notes for the specific assessment task (column 4) • Re-assessment: for individual Assessment Standards, but in a new context • Appendix 1: Instructions for candidates

    14. Workshop Aims • To understand the assessment and evidence requirements of the Unit Assessment Support for the Higher Units provided • To consider a range of ways of generating evidence for the Higher Unit Assessment Support provided

    15. Workshop Task In small groups of 2-3, choose one Unit to look at and discuss: • the assessment task in the Unit Assessment Support provided • how to generate evidence for the Unit Assessment Support provided • how to make assessment judgments for the Unit Assessment Support provided

    16. Physical Education Higher Course Assessment

    17. Course Assessment at Higher • Course Assessment at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher assesses Added Value • Courses at Higher are normally assessed by one or two Components • Courses at Higher are graded A – D, as at present • Controlled Assessment of setting, conducting and marking • For Physical Education there are 2 Components – a performance and a question paper

    18. Components of Course Assessment Performance • 60 marks • plan, perform, evaluate • internally marked by centres in line with SQA marking instructions, and verified by SQA. • Question Paper • 40 marks • All questions mandatory: no options • 1 hour 30 minutes • externally markedby SQA

    19. Course Assessment – Performance • A single performance event (following the convention of event e.g. 3 throws, heats) • 3 distinct parts • Planningand preparation for the single event (8 marks) • A single performance event (40 marks) • Evaluation of the single event performance (12 marks) • Performance Grade Table follows National 5

    20. Course Assessment – Question paper • Section 1 has three x 8 mark questions • Questions sample from the following areas: • methods to collect information • approaches to develop performance • monitoring, recording and evaluation of performance

    21. Course Assessment – Question paper • Section 2 has one x 16 mark question • Based on a scenario • Samples from - performance development process • All four factors affecting performance (MESP) will be assessed each year in either Section 1 or Section 2 • Scenario will also offer candidates a choice of factor

    22. Workshop 2: Aim • To understand the requirements of Higher Course Assessments • Materials provided: • FIOCA: Further Information on Course Assessment

    23. Workshop 2: Task Following on from your discussion in Workshop 1, and using the materials provided, discuss: • the requirements of the Higher Course Assessment • how these requirements build on the Higher Units • how these requirements build on National 5