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Steve Helmeci Period 7. That Was then, this is now S.E. Hinton. Main Characters. Main Charaters : Bryon Mark Cathy M&M Bryon’s Mom. Setting. Inner City. Summary. Bryon sees Cathy Mark and Bryon meet Mike and learn his story Mark gets hurt in a fight/ Bryon and Cathy’s first date

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Steve helmeci period 7

Steve Helmeci

Period 7

That Was then, this is nowS.E. Hinton

Main characters
Main Characters

  • Main Charaters:

    • Bryon

    • Mark

    • Cathy

    • M&M

    • Bryon’s Mom


  • Inner City


  • Bryon sees Cathy

  • Mark and Bryon meet Mike and learn his story

  • Mark gets hurt in a fight/ Bryon and Cathy’s first date

  • Charlie is killed

  • M&M runs away

Favorite part
Favorite Part

“Outside I spotted M&M at the corner. There were three guys trailing him. When you see something like that around here you know right away somebody is about to get jumped…. The whole side of M&M’s face was bruised, but he gave us one of his rare, wistful grins. ‘Thanks you guys’”

(Hinton 21-22).

Bryon s culture
Bryon’s Culture

  • At Home:

    • Loving

    • Trusting

    • Poor

    • Lack of Money

  • Outside Home:

    • Rough

    • Violent

    • Inner City

Bryon s identity
Bryon’s Identity

  • Beginning of the Novel:

    • Always With Mark

    • Heartbreaker

    • Pool Hustler

    • Bad Boy

    • “face like a St. Bernard puppy”

  • End of the Novel:

    • Grows apart from Mark

    • Mellows

    • Thinks more of morals and past behavior

    • Thinks “What if….”

Bryon s values
Bryon’s Values

  • His friendship with Mark

  • His relationship with Cathy

  • M&M’s well being

  • Family (his Mom)

  • The Little Money his family brings in

Most relevant lesson
Most relevant Lesson

“ ‘Bryon, you got even with Mark for Cathy, then you got even with Cathy for Mark. When are you going to stop getting even with yourself?’ “ (Hinton 156).


  • Despite the melancholy ending, I really enjoyed That Was Then, This is Now and would recommend it to any classmate looking for a good book.

Not everything in life is fair
Not Everything in life is fair….

  • But, if one wallows in the past, they throw their future away as well.