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S.E. Hinton

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S.E. Hinton. By: Will Chaltas , Trey Sims, Hannah Elston , Nick Powell. Why were some of S.E. Hinton’s books banned in certain schools?. One of the many reasons why her books were banned was gang violence. This discouraged many schools from reading her books.

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s e hinton

S.E. Hinton

By: Will Chaltas, Trey Sims, Hannah Elston, Nick Powell

One of the many reasons why her books were banned was gang violence. This discouraged many schools from reading her books.
Young drug abuse and family dysfunction created controversy among readers and schools, contributing to the ban.
She helped change the young-adult genre from idealistic fiction to a more realistic point of view.
She exposed adult readers to the reality of teenage lives through her portrayal of their everyday experiences.
Her books created controversy among some readers due to their portrayal of negative events/actions. (Drinking, smoking, mugging, etc.)
The majority of her books exhibit a melodramatic tone, thus she enjoys writing dramatic works.
She always begins her writing with a specific character and ending in mind, then attempts to fill in the middle.
The personalities of her friends provided her with much of the inspiration for the novel’s characters.

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